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Friday, November 23, 2012

tick tock, tick tock ...

Black Friday looms before us.
Every commercial,
every e-mail
presses the impending mayhem upon me.
 I don't know about anyone else, but I'm feeling a bit anxious about the whole thing this year.
I am seriously contemplating skipping the nightmarish mess.  
Then I get this crazy idea - 'perhaps I'll go just to get a thing or two';
but honestly, after a recognizance run (prompted by my spousal enabler) 
I am not even convinced there is enough inventory to justify the battle. 





  1. Lmao!!!!! This is such a great post!!

  2. I just comfort myself with the thought that while I might "want" certain things (and those certain things might have irresistible prices), I don't really "need" anything... So, I'll just skip the crowds and relax at home instead. :)

  3. Nothing I need or want is worth the crowds, never have been a Black Friday Shopper and I can't imagine ever wanting to join in the fray.

  4. Love the picture! I think I 'll just sit here by the window with my computer in my lap and enjoy the nice view of the mountains.

  5. No shopping for me unless it's on the internet. Can't stand the crowds. But this year is flying by so the clock pic is apropos.

  6. I've only joined the foray of Black Friday twice and both times I swore, 'never again.' And haven't now in 10 years... I'm not much of a shopper on regular days, but those hectic, crowded hours are not for me...