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Friday, November 30, 2012

yea, that's how I roll ...

November, we hardly knew ya ...
 last day of the month - good grief, where does the time go? I have to say, I am going out with a bang. Last evening my husband decided it would be nice to have dinner out, we do that occasionally. A very nice gesture except for the fact that I failed to heed all the warning signs of impending doom throughout the day. Spilled nail polish on the carpet. Meeting with another car on a one lane section of the road by the house. That step up from the street to the sidewalk directly in front of Chili's. The one in full view of the patrons. The one where I didn't just miss a step but damn near did a full-out tuck and roll. Except at my age it is more like the Hindenburg crashing down. You may have seen it on YouTube - my son is fairly confident it had been videoed and posted and had received at least 1,000 hits before our entree was served. Hilarity!   The boy has a future in comedy.  We laughed. Mostly he laughed, my side really hurt and it was a bit hard to breath. Oh, and my poor, unprotected, out of its case, iPhone got fractured. Have had an iPhone since the first one was released and this is the first to ever get broken. Crap, there went that record.
Now when I insist my son have a protective case on his, he just raises an eyebrow at me.
"you're a good one to talk!"

 Ha! I now have an iPhone5 and you, my comedic son, don't. 
Yes, it came at a price - but by golly I have a new iPhone. 

 Protective case not included.
(but one has been ordered - no more chances!)

none of this relates to the picture I prepared for today's post
- except that perhaps now I can say (literally) 

"that's how I roll!"

... much like the rounded snowbaby ornaments I collected years back.
(bit of a stretch, but did I mention I can barely breath? cogitative thought is gonna have to wait.)


  1. Sorry about your fall - glad you didn't get hurt. Even though you lost an Iphone... you got a brand new one - lucky girl!

  2. Cute little ornament. Oh I am so sorry about your "roll". I sure hope you didn't break a rib. Yay! on the new phone part but..... kind of a painful way to accomplish that one :)

  3. I think I know where your son gets his comedic gene!! U have quite the funny side- except for the fact if u falling- that's not funny. Hope u r not too sore today. Live the snow baby.

  4. I'm so glad that the only thing broken was your Iphone and that you did get something positive out of that experience. And that you can flaunt it to The Comedian... I had to laugh at your Hindenberg allusion; I have that same feeling myself whenever I take a spill. I see it all in hideous slow motion, and it is not pretty. But when you are born clumsy and frequently suffer a relapse, it has to be expected.

  5. Oh, sorry about your fall - I can say I've been there, done that (full slip on a barely snow dusted sidewalk - the kids and hubby outright burst into laughter). But I didn't break my iPhone - that would be heartbreaking! Glad to hear you're OK and enjoying your new phone!!

  6. Oh yeah! I've fallen - seems like about once a year, or every other year. It hurts! So sorry about your ribs and that inability to breath thing. Hope the Iphone makes up for it! At least it will last longer than the bruises! Was the food any good?

  7. Oh my gosh Nicki, I know it was painful, but you have a great way of telling a story... I literally LOL'd! And yes, gotta love our darling, know-it-all teens, right? You deserve the new iPhone!!

  8. Sorry, but I did chuckle at your expense this morning... good to know I'm not the only klutz that breaks expensive stuff. :)

  9. Thanks for the glad to know I'm not the only one who has phone issues - lol