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Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Five ...

 [frosty and foggy mornings]

I haven't done this in a very long time.
5 things
about me
... hummmm??? 

 1. I am happy to report that I am nearly back to pre-fall work-out level.  I'm still a little sore and  guarded, but I'm getting much closer and that makes me happy.  (as I limp to and from the computer!)

2. I am currently having a love fest with spinach and chicken salad. Considering the time of year and the peanut butter ball / cookie / candy assortment that usually inhibit this house, I can not express enough how much better this is for the entire family.  When I don't crave sweets, I don't make them.  When I don't make them, nobody suffers the extra calories.  I know I'll have to make a couple of things as we get closer to Christmas,  but not to the extent I have in past years.

3. I am counting the days until The Girl returns home for winter break. I know she is excited to have finals over and return home even if she'll be bored out of her senses within one week. 

4. I still have a lot of Christmas gifts to buy. My mojo in this department just isn't clicking this year - looks like it might be socks and underwear for everyone. 

5. Since having children this will be the first year we will not be sending out kiddo picture cards. Clearly I need to come up with a different plan since it is highly unlikely I'll have a guaranteed photo opportunity with both kids near the holidays in the foreseeable future. ... "here kitty, kitty, kitty!" 

[rainy days] 

have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Great 5 Nicki. Merry Christmas. I've had a family emergency so ill be spotty at best visiting you. I'm waiting for my next flt as we speak.

  2. Love those foggy, frosty mornings...great photo ops. Glad to hear that exercising has re-entered your life...can you do enough for the both of us?? And I don't have to bake or make anything to have sugar at my house, I have friends that love to bake and share. Oh my!! Have a great weekend.

  3. Why not use some of your texture photos for your Christmas card? I think you've got lots that would be terrific for that purpose if the kitty kitty doesn't come round to your beck and call - mine certainly wouldn't!

    Good for you to get that sore limping body out and exercise it. The impact of a fall can last a long long time!

  4. I always like getting kitty Christmas cards. When (and if..these days) we do a card, the pet or pets are always included since they are as much a part of the family as any of us. Nice fog pic. We have had more fog in these parts than is usual for this time of year but today is bright and sunny. Hope your girl gets home before the storm they predicted for next week or if she doesn't, I hope she has safe travels.

  5. Your foggy morning capture is delightful Nicki ... I love this ethereal effect.
    Happy clicking!

  6. I haven't seem to be able to get my Christmas shopping mojo either. :( I'm usually a lot more organized in this department, but I'm seriously lagging behind this year. There's still next week! :)