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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ike apocalypse ...

someone enjoyed opening gifts this year!
as the kids get older, there are fewer (and often smaller) packages to be opened Christmas morning,
so we rely on being entertained by the furry members of the family.
Mary Jo apparently over slept this year, but Ike made up for her absence by insisting that every.single.toy be released and spread among gift wrappings.

don't let that innocent face fool you, some of those plastic balls have little prongs that when stepped on can leave you hopping for awhile.   I guess that is his idea of us entertaining him.


  1. Oh what a cutie!!!! Hope it was a great day.

  2. when the kids are older still, they mainly wants money, so gifts is then only an envelope. :) Your cat seem to like it.

  3. love the photos of your fluffy one!

  4. been away from computer for awhile, so I looked back at all your posts for the last five days - wonderful! Crisp, clear, beautiful photos - and lovely cat!

  5. Ike is one gorgeous cat! Our pug had a good Christmas this year, too. She got a Canada Goose to throw around, a real marrow bone and a book: "Pugs: God's Little Weirdos."

  6. How fun! Our old indoor cats would much rather open a can of food these days... :)