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Thursday, December 20, 2012

lost in plain view ...

I keep coming back to this picture.  Perhaps it is the simplicity of its' content.  Maybe it is the cleanness of its' composition.   I've been adding texture to a lot of my images lately and hit a point where I'm feeling 'ugh!'.  Kinda like after eating that whole bag of candy; seems like a reasonably good idea at the time, right up until your body reminds you it was a horrible idea.  I felt this picture  had gotten lost in the collaboration of other recent images with all their polish, shine, and added pizazz.  This, the one picture that echoed the sentiments of appreciating the basic and primary delights of this holiday.  The antithesis of all that shimmers and shines. The reminder that you do not have to submit to the commercialized Norman Rockwell holiday to have the spirit of the season; you need only to reach out and show love, compassion, and perhaps a little extra consideration.


  1. It's simply perfect all on its own. I love how you put things in perspective with your words.

  2. Very well said and illustrated Nicki! I was visiting at someone's house the other day and saw a gift wrapped in the comic section of a newspaper. I was immediatelly flooded with memories of a special lady that gave birthday gifts to my siblings and I when we were very young.... probably 5-8 years old. She always wrapped them in comic papers. I don't remember if she wrapped Christmas gifts that way or not. Hmmmm wish I had a comic paper in the house ..............

  3. Beautiful, simple words to always remember and the image perfectly illustrates that feeling. Thank you!!

  4. Simple is never not a good thing! This is such a pretty package.

  5. It's challenging to do "simple" well. It's so much easier to go over the top. In this case, the simple comes with a lot of thoughtfulness to make a package that is just lovely, just like the season.