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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ...

When I first looked at this week's list of words I immediately said "never gonna happen!"
But I got to thinking I should at least give it the old college try, and low and behold I found myself faced with a morning  that beckoned to my delinquent gene and the thought of getting 'real' work done was as appealing and nails on a chalkboard

suddenly these words became my mission.
I had to find them!

~ nothing quite inspires like avoiding work ~

 Words proposed by Tayet: missing, numbers, purple, music and bracelet.

this is what I came up with - tell me what you think: 

 ** missing **

each year I pull out this homemade ornament and it seems to be missing something.  Eventually it will just be a stick and I'll look over at my husband (or more likely one of the cats) and ask "who the crap stuck a stick in the Christmas ornaments?"

ps ... Notice the flying Harry Potter in the background?

well ...

... I was quickly reminded  how much I miss having my own Hermione around. My daughter quickly associated with this character and consequently our tree is filled with Hermione and Harry.  No Ron.  I feel like I've neglected a child leaving him out.  Might need to remedy that.

** numbers ** 

loads of these for both the kids' first Christmas,  and a fair share of ornaments commemorating various trips to Disney  - but no Baby's Second Christmas (or Third, Thirteenth, Nineteenth ...)
guessing that might be because those are years you
1) are trying hard not to remember (terrible threes, horrible thirteen),  or
2) are in denial (there is no way one of MY kids could be 19 - no way, right?)

** purple ** 

this persnickety angel did not want to be photographed - such a pain!

once upon a time I had a little girl who loved everything that was pink.
eventually she traded up to purple and all things big and small had to be in purple
(including the walls in her bedroom);
as such, the fact that there are only 4 purple ornaments on our tree shocks me.

probably because they are a pain to photograph.
 yep - probably that!

** music ** 

my absolute favorite musical ornament.
when I leave this earth it will be a very special person to whom I bequeath this treasure I'll tell ya that much, so everyone might want to start getting on my good side now.  Just a thought!


 ** bracelet ** 

I searched high and low but could not find anything even remotely like a 'bracelet' on the tree, so I went with this formerly 'in style' holiday bracelet. Remember when these were all the rage? I still wear mine.
I'm cool like that.

Well, that's it for me. See more over at Ashley's blog
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  1. Love them all, nut my favorites are your NUMBERS and BRACELET shots.

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. These are gorgeous! Love the Hermione ornament!

  3. I LOVE your photos. And I was the same, I did not think I was going to do this hunt...but I ended up finding pictures, and in fact, just like you I had numerous photos for some of the prompts...funny how that works, huh? :) That bracelet photo is stunning!

  4. Nice job hunting around the tree! Yes, I remember the bracelet, but have no idea where mine is. Happy week to you

  5. How fun to reminisce as you set up your tree! And all your finds, except 1, were right in front of you!
    Purple - yeah, not a fun color to photograph - I so agree.

  6. I like how you used ornaments for your post. I love the purple and the bracelet. Colorful time of year this is.

  7. That's awesome you were able to find so many of the words on your tree....lovely pictures.

  8. Nicki,
    Part of the thrill of SHS is the search! Sometimes I have to use my imagination, but I can usually come up with something that will work.

    Nice job using the upcoming Holidays for these prompts.

  9. I like the Christmas theme this week. I am no where near being able to use a Christmas theme. My stuff is in the attic where it is likely to stay for a couple more weeks. I will blame my knee but I really must say, I'm just not in the mood for it. But I love seeing what others do.

  10. great hunting... amazing what we do when we want to avoid working on "our list"... ha! I'm checking everyone's SHS posts --- procrastinating about starting some work (the kind you do to earn $$$)... and feeling sorry for myself that I have paperwork this weekend. Urrgh! my Camp Fire girls made some ornaments similar to your popsicle snowman... wonder if the girls took those to their homes? great set of photos.

  11. I love that you found all but one of the prompts on your Christmas tree! I love the snowman! My tree has several ornaments from my kids that have missing pieces, but they still go on the tree each year! I also love the bracelet, beautiful reflection!

  12. Great shots - I have quite a Christmas ornament collection, too!

  13. Enjoyed the tour of your Christmas tree! I think you should have hung the bracelet on the tree :)

  14. I love seeing everyone's ornaments. And I must be cool too cause I have a charm bracelet like that- but I need more charms.

  15. Great set! I love the color purple but couldn't find one purple ornament on our tree. What's up with that?! Might have to remedy that this year. :) Thanks for sharing! And thanks for the visit!

  16. What a wonderful set. I just love them all.. Your really know how to use that camera girly..

  17. Great pictures as always. Loved your thoughts on purple and the pictures are great. Thanks

  18. Great photos! I, too, looked at the prompts last week and said no way. Then Saturday I ended up doing them! Your set is great!

  19. Amazing that you found 4 of the propts on your tree. Well done! Good for you for still wearing your bracelet. :))

  20. What a beautiful set......lots of Christmas love!