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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ...

When I originally drafted this post earlier in the week, I was going to point out that we only have a couple more scavenger hunts left before the end of the year, unless you adhere to the Mayan Calendar, then this would probably be the last.

But the harsh reality of this week made it painfully clear that we should not be so cavalier about taking time for granted.  Even so, we also need to maintain hope and optimism, and focus on positive things happening in our lives.  So with that, I'll get on with this week's words; words brought to you by Danelle at 'Mom Outnumbered'.

A few of my favorite things

~*~*~*~ Sparkly ~*~*~*~

I picked some of these up for package toppers. 
Sparkles/glitter everywhere. Awe, love the holidays!

 ~*~*~*~ Door ~*~*~*~ 
 not too thrilled with door shots this week - so I'll go with simple


outside Church

~*~*~*~ Decorate ~*~*~*~ 

a little 'something something' for the house makes such a difference.
As I've discussed in earlier posts this week, while I could foresee cutting back on decorating when the kids are no longer around for the holidays (which they are strictly forbidden to ever do to me) - I could never skip Christmas decorating all together.

~*~*~*~ Stripes ~*~*~*~ 

and then I thought of this 

~*~*~*~ a few of my favorite things ~*~*~*~

until next week  . . .


  1. Love love love pretty!

  2. Love the reminds me of my now favorite holiday movie...The Polar Express where when you 'hear the bell' believe!! I do, I do, I do believe.

    Hope you can find time today to stop by and view my very 1st Scavenger Hunt.

  3. Love the candy stripes. Merry Christmas.

  4. Beautiful shots this week, Nicki! Love the zebra and nativity scene!

  5. Nicki, I love your door shot. And the candy is awesome...especially the sparkles on the table....really adds to it. :) And that decoration is so neat, too. :) Love all your pictures, actually. GREAT job. :)

  6. Don't ya just love this time of year??!! All of your decorations are just so lovely!! Lovin that red bell!!

  7. Love your door shot! I got some of those same glittery snowflakes and now have a trail of glitter throughout the house as well as some on my face.

  8. Stripes and sparkly are my favourite this time !!!!

  9. Absolutely LOVE your decorate picture. So pretty...looks like it should be a Christmas card!

  10. Love the door and the nativity! So lovely. I think we all learned a few lessons this week about what matters most.

  11. So pretty - love your collagey effects. And what you did with favorite things! {one of my favorite songs!}

  12. Wonderful entries this week. It was hard to get into the spirit of the whole thing after Friday but I did manage. Hope you have a good week.

  13. What a wonderful set of shots this week & you are all too right in taking life and each day for granted. May we all remember in light of Friday's events that each and every day is a true gift from God......a GIFT to each of us.
    Merry Christmas!

  14. I love your peppermint candy photo! It has a bit of sparkle too!

    Your decorate photo is lovely as well. That is an awesome bell! I love decorating for the holidays!

  15. Wonderful shots! I actually love the effect of your "door" shot. Simple is good.

  16. Good Job on this weeks prompts. Glitter is so much fun and I really like your bell and stripes pictures!

  17. Nice post, I love your door the best, or maybe both your stripes, and your favorite things were great. Well, I think I liked all your pics the best!

  18. Love sparkly. So pretty! Nice intro to your post as well.

  19. I can tell that your packages are AWESOME because I love that pretty package topper. I love sparkles too : ). Except when they are all over the house ; )
    I hope you have a very happy holiday. Love, Becky

  20. Very festive set! I love how you presented your favorite things!

  21. STRIPES!! Both of them! Especially the candy (duh).

  22. I love the sparkly shot! I have a bunch of those snowflakes hanging on my tree right now!

    The favorite things shot is very cool!