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Thursday, December 6, 2012

to decorate or not to decorate ...

... that is the question!

While blog hopping I've come across several posts about skipping the holidays - not the actual 'wish you good tidings' part, just the holiday decorations and excessive gifts.  They have traded in the trees, exterior and interior illumination, Santa statues and Snowmen for a simpler approach to celebrating this time of the year. I envy them the orderly, uncluttered, unassuming, and I suspect liberating status this has afforded them.  But as appealing as it sounds, I can not imagine not putting out at least some semblance of Christmas like the gumdrop tree I hot-glued a couple of years ago as the kids passed by with 'ohs & awes'

*notice: I did not say they helped,

cause they didn't

- that is their teenage way of "crafting" 
- mom does the work, they do the admiring
... guess there is less mess in the long run, so it works for me!.  

Anyhoo, at a minimum I would need to put out a mini tree with the hand-painted bulbs decorated during the college years by my sister and some of the birdhouse ornaments I bought from the elementary school fundraiser (which reminds me, I sure don't miss those fundraisers!). 

so I'll throw a few decorations your way, even if you are in a 'No-Decor-For-The-Holiday' zone.


  1. Cute decorations! It's always hard to find a balance at the holidays. But I definitely think you need some decorations!

  2. I agree!!! I want decorations and the "feeling" we get from Christmas.. people are just nicer this time of year:) I love love your pics!!!

  3. Altho it is just me at home now, I just can't imagine the holidays with the decorations. Granted I have cut back, but not cut out. Thanks for sharing your sweet decorations with us!!

  4. Beautiful decorations. Its just my husband and I we have no children, no family or friends come around. We aren't really doing gifts this although I have asked for a book so maybe one. I have still put up our tree and a few other decorations. Its nice to look at and enjoy for a few weeks.

  5. I am enjoying your decorations! I do have a few out but I didn't put up my tree as we will be traveling home for Christmas. I thought about putting the tree up for the photo ops of the ornaments but so far I haven't done it.

  6. I am vicariously decorating through you. I am skipping decorating (other than a small evergreen wreath on the garage)since I will be spending most of December at my DD's. Too much work to decorate for a few days for just me, and then come home worn out only to have to de-decorate. My middle name this year is BAH, Humbug! ;-)

  7. I am definitely a minimalist, though I do enjoy others' efforts.

  8. Love Christmas decorations - but haven't put any up this year :(