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Friday, May 31, 2013

Floral Love with a few Random Thoughts ...

 Floral Love

A week or so ago my son and I had a little time to kill before going to an orientation meeting, so of course we found ourselves wondering around the nursery at Home Depot where I proceeded to, ahem, photograph flowers. (surprise! ... I know!!!)

So here are a few random thoughts that struck me as I embarked on this post:

1)  Why do we "kill time" when time is so precious?   
2) My son thinks it is silly to call the flower department a nursery.  My explanation fell on deaf ears.
3) I have managed to accumulate a plethora of photo apps for my iPhone.  I know how to use none.
4) We have managed to get a new Piggly Wiggly but no Trader Joe. No offense to Piggly, but I want a "cool" store and since Whole Foods is a little pricey for our wallet, Trader Joe would have been a nice addition. (plus, according to some other bloggers, they apparently carry ranunculus in their flower departments)
5)  I like flowers a lot more than I ever wanted to admit to myself.  Booking tickets to the Rose Parade should have been the big clue; going store to store in search for specific flowers to photograph should have sealed the deal.


[R.H. West - Lucille texture] 



  1. Gorgeous set of flowers! Love what you did with Lucille! Total piece of art.
    Thanks for joining Floral Art.

  2. This is a fun read today - you are so right...Trader Joes does carry ranunculas and they have the best prices as well as the best foods. :) Your "nursery" photos are lovely in a collage, and I love the use of Lucille on the bottom photo - perfect!

  3. The textured 'lucille' is lovely and I really like your rounded corner 4 some, I can't figure out how to do this. I am often intimidated to photo flowers at Nurseries, I think I might be able to now :-)..the is a make-one-smile post, it's great.

  4. I am LOL because I am the same way about the Trader Joe's for the flowers. The closest one to me is a 45 minute drive and in my life with a business and 4 kids that NEVER happens just to get flowers each week o_O. There is no where around here to get good flowers :(

  5. Love the flower pics! I tend to get them by the roadside or in "the wild" out here. I never thought to capture them in a nursery!

    Here from R5F. Have a great weekend!

  6. LOL! Loved this post. I'll photograph a flower wherever I find it. Love Trader Joe's. Lovely texture on your last photo. I adore cactus flowers. ... the colors are amazing. Happy Random 5 Day!

  7. I think we can all agree that flowers just begged to be captured for posterity. Especially if you live in the Midwest or North. Just so little time to enjoy them.

    Lovely photos Nicki. I have an Android phone, but never use the camera. Haven't really figured it out yet. Lol.

    Have a wonderful Friday.

  8. Gorgeous photos! I do the same thing, going from store to store photographing flowers. I really need to learn how to edit better. Your last one is spectacular!

  9. Beautiful flower captures, Nicki!


  10. Super Great Blog!! I love learning new things about bloggers. And you are right - Trader Joe's is fantastic and they always have big bouquets of flowers right at the door, so you won't forget to buy some - they are the first thing you pick up - always.

  11. Flowers are magnificent! I love to photograph them too.

    And about the 'killing time' expression.. i've never understood it either.

    Ranunculus! Especially the yellow. Fabulous!

  12. isn't it funny how expressions we use all the time don't really make a lot of sense...

  13. Your love for flowers shines from your Pictures, Nicky!
    And your reflections on *killing time*-saying is right on spot - why kill something precious?! Enjoy your weekend ... with flowers! :)

  14. i know a lot of folks enjoy Trader Joes but i have yet to find anything there that i really must have ... gorgeous flowers but sadly that is about it for me. piggly wiggly's bring back such memories.... of my Grandma's home ... memories. so nice.

    your son sounds too cute (great mind) .... i love the questions ... i wonder the same? makes no sense to me either. ha. ha!! ( :

  15. I am glad you have a love of flowers! We are the ones who benefit from that. I am with you on the Trader Joe thing. We don't have one within a reasonable distance and I sure as heck wish we did. No more Walmarts but more Trader Joe's would be a good thing in my book.

  16. Nicki - these photos are so crisp and vivid - great textures, too. I like the iPad photo apps I have - I enjoy playing with them.

  17. Beautiful photos of your lovely flowers. I really like the beaded vase. I live too far away from either stores and can only dream......... xo

  18. You have lots of pretty flower pictures to show for it. :)