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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday memes | a mother's day ...


* This week's textures are coming courtesy of a screen and branches

This is what is going on outside my son's bedroom window.

a mom . . .


her babes . . .

a job that doesn't end at 5 pm

protecting the nest at the same time bringing home the bacon -
(or worm, or I believe bug in this case)

finding peace not only in silencing the peeps with full tummies,
but in knowing they are okay and content.
. . .
because even when she would give anything for 5 minutes of sleep
a mom is only at peace when her babies are okay.

it is unlikely this mom will get a card this Sunday
- but I am sure that if she can keep them alive long enough to push them out of the nest
and securely on their own
that will be thanks enough for her.

me too!


  1. What a wonderful way for me to start the day! Great series of photos from your son's window. What an amazing gift from Mother Nature and her friend -- the beautiful Robin and her family. Thank you!

  2. This post so moved me this morning, especially as I take my boy to another round of testing and infusion for new medication...yes I would do anything, because we are only at peace when are babies are safe....wiping away the tears! Your photos are wonderful and tell a beautiful story!

  3. WOW!! This was such a wonderful post to read this morning!!

  4. Oh, wow. What great, great captures, Nicki!

    Beautiful post. I love it.

  5. Lovely Nicki! Spring is an amazing reminder of the value of life. These are just precious.

  6. Wonderful series of the robin and her babies!

  7. That was a great series of shots.

  8. Sweet photos! We have been wondering up here about the robins. We usually have so many but this year I've only seen four or five. Not sure why that is. You are right about mothers and sleep. I've never gotten back to my pre-motherhood sleep patterns. Bah!

  9. Love this Nicki -- what a great find outside your son's window. Motherhood at it's finest. :)

  10. How lucky you have witnessed this with your camera! Wonderful!

  11. Such heartwarming and serene shots. I'll be this family affair has been wonderful to watch. Thanks for giving us a peek into a different kind of motherhood.

  12. such a sweet post. there is such sincerity found within your words. have a great rest of the week!

    Allie @ Framed by God

  13. These pictures are just beautiful! The natural framing is excellent.Our robins are just starting nest building here and I found one bluebird egg in the box! Yippee for spring.

  14. Awesome pictures, Nicki. I even love the pink blossoms in the background. Beautiful Mom words.

  15. What a sweet post! Your writing is beautiful and peaceful, too. I love the little ones' wide open mouths. Great shots!

  16. There is something so joyful in seeing new babies being fortified by's what we do, fortify our young even after they have left their nest.

  17. I love this beautiful sequence of photos through the branches of the bird feeding her offspring!

  18. sweetest pictures ever for Mother's Day!

  19. Oh, how amazing and so perfect for Mother's Day. You are right - she won't get a card, but I am sure she knows she is doing a great job.

  20. this is wonderful! two years ago we had doves hatching on out patio! what a wonderful experience!

  21. Oh my goodness to be so close and be able to see this unfolding scene would be heaven. Thank you for sharing.