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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

objects in the rear view mirror may appear ...

. . . 

[Greenbrier Resort - front] 

We had to travel to the Greenbrier last weekend to collect my husband's volunteer uniform for the upcoming golf tournament (maybe next year for me - we'll see). When telling me about this expedition he suggested that I bring my camera.  The guy knows me so well! (I guess 22+ years will do that)

The folks at the resort had their act together and we were quickly in and out with his packet which left loads of time to meander around the grounds. We were kid free (as we are most days anymore) so we decided to make it a leisure trip and throw in a couple of other stops on the way back home. 

[New River Gorge Bridge] 

 One day I hope to walk out on the bridge to get a picture that can better illustrate the height and vastness of this bridge. The view is majestic and looking at it from the Outlook post is breath-taking but it is hard to photographically capture the "OMG that is a LONG WAY down" feeling you get when standing there. It blows my mind that people actually bungee jump from it on Bridge Day.
 No way, No how!

Now whitewater rafting  - oh yea!

There was a young family at the Outlook and the kids were in awe of the rafters coming down the river.  We shared our experiences doing this activity and how we were surprised to find rapids and waves so big you could actually surf them.  In response to their clairvoyant expressions of 'there is no way these old farts rafted down that river', we did point out that it was pre-kiddo days.  If you have never gone whitewater rafting you are missing out on an amazing and exhilarating experience.

Further along the river is Hawks Nest State Park.
This particular Overlook is down a dilapidated path hardly used any more as most people opt for the aerial tramway or stop further down the road at a more accessible Overlook. I'm not proud of this, but I stood at the bottom of the path/steps and announced whined to my husband that I wasn't going back up - I didn't want to climb that hill.  It would have been one thing if it was because I was just so enraptured in the scene I couldn't tear myself away, but the cold hard fact was that my body still had not recooperated from the whole 137 steps down and 137 steps up at the Bridge and it was firmly in WTF mode.
 Clearly I need to add "Alpine Level" to my treadmill regime.

... but oh what a view!

. . .

I know that these pictures are sticking out to the side - it was intentional.  Other than the bridge and the rafters, each image was taken with the panoramic option on the iPhone5; a feature I too often forget to use, but am so glad I remembered on Saturday.



  1. A beautiful venue for the golf outing -- all of your photos are wonderful Nicki. I would like to take a rafting trip someday. :)

  2. Awesome pics! I actually rafted there too! Even though it was per kiddos, I was terrified!

  3. What a wonderful day of sightseeing and photographing!
    I really need to get out more often! :-D

  4. Such beautiful views. Looks idyllic.

  5. What a nice little adventure you went on. Breath-taking views!!

  6. Beautiful photos! We stopped to see that bridge on our way home from Florida years ago.

  7. I really enjoyed your photos today - there is so much beauty in WVa. When we lived there, we spent our first Thanksgiving weekend at the Greenbriar - we had a great time. The resort still looks great and I think it is so cool your husband gets to volunteer at the golf outing.
    I've also been white water rafting on the New river - like you, that was Before Children. I think if the bungee jumping craze had hit 5 years earlier, I would have done it. Not so much now.

  8. Lovely! Really enjoyed seeing the trip thru your lens.

  9. Great panoramas! Yours got a lot better than the ones I've tried. You got your exercise on that day!

  10. Such a lovely travelogue! It's a beautiful part of the state. Thanks for taking us on the tour!

  11. Oh my goodness--what a VIEW!!! Definitely worth the aching knees (which mine would've been...) So glad you did the panorama; perfect subject for that.

  12. What a beautiful place! I love the panoramic view of the river and bridge in the last photo especially.

  13. Beautiful! You sure captured the beauty here in 'Almost Heaven West Virginia'!
    I haven't been to Hawk's nest in many a year. These make me want to go.
    I think Mr. Justice should use this shot of the Greenbrier on his brochures. Beautiful shot!

  14. That is a heavenly view...I love that part of the country.

  15. Wow, what fantastic views! The bridge reminds me of the one where I bungee-jumped (in my more foolish and younger days)... :)