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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday enlightment...

steamy afternoons - that point where humidity hits the lens and just before it becomes a total blur.

I carry a glass cloth just for those occasions - one of those lessons you figure out through experience. 

 Speaking of which, I just learned there is a limit to the goodness of Netflix
- bandwidth limit; (*which is limited by the internet provider, not Netflix). 
So no Pretty Little Liars marathons, 
no One Tree Hill marathons, 
no Sunny in Philadelphia marathons. 
 No marathons period, at least until the first of next month.
How will I survive while ironing and folding laundry?
You know the saying 'you've become your mom', well I've become my other mom, Mary Lou because I've grown accustom to watching a show to help pass the time while doing menial tasks.
Mary Lou was originally hired to help around the house - clean and watch us kids.  In the course of doing both she never failed to watch her soaps.  We kids often wondered how she got anything done and suspected it was because she assigned a task to each of us.  We concluded it was her devious and master plan to load us down with (all of the) work just so she could watch her shows while feigning to clean out the kitchen cabinets or wash the globes on the light fixtures.  I must say, we did have the cleanest kitchen cabinets and there was never any cobwebs on the light fixtures.  In the process, we kids learned to vacuum, pick-up around the house, do laundry, iron, dust, and other assorted domestic chores.  In retrospect, Mary Lou rocked at both cleaning and child care and I have on occasion regretted that I didn't channel more of her when raising my own.  Perhaps now that there are no marathons it would be a good time to pass off laundry and educate on the art of ironing.
It's never too late to learn.


  1. What a wonderful story!!!!
    You know, I always have to have the tv on during the day ... there's something comforting about having that background noise.

  2. Ha, I have a photo of my yucca plant I took this week but with a little more blur.
    Actually while your second shot is lovely I really like the softness of the first one!
    Lovely shots!
    I do love my Netflix. :)

  3. Those pictures are so pretty! :) I actually don't have Netflix yet, so I never knew about the marathon limitation, but it sounds quite tedious; marathons are fun.

  4. Oh, such wonderful life lessons. And I didn't realize there were bandwidth limits on Netflix - my kids might be in for a rude awakening!
    I love the two photos, too :-)

  5. No Netflix here but I do have to have news radio on during the day.

  6. Lol. You are a great story teller!!!!

  7. Oh so many thoughts - like I'm glad I live where it is not humid; or I can't believe you iron when it is so humid (like you really have a choice about the weather this time of year); or such a beautiful flower and great captures. But most of all, glad to check in with you, even if you aren't over at the POTD regularly these days. You are missed!

    1. I miss you guys too and really need to step back to what got me started in this whole blogging thing to start with.

  8. Ironing- what's that? Love both the Lily photos!

  9. Nice!! My daylilies are budded out; just hoping to have them escape the deer/elk long enough to bloom. Really like the woodpeckers in the prior post. The young one is adorable!

  10. Great pictures and wonderful story. I like the silence of being alone - it gives me time to think while doing the menial chores. Or if it is summer, I like the doors and windows open to hear nature while I work. It makes me smile.

  11. So, so, so, so pretty!!!

  12. You are so lucky to already have day lilies! They are my favorite flower by far.

    I just started watching Pretty Little Liars last week and am on the fifth episode and am not really sure if I like it or not. A lot of my friends recommend I keep watching it but I'm just not sure. Does it get better the farther along it gets?

  13. I'll be channeling Mary Lou, too!