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Monday, July 15, 2013

something for everyone ...


Remember that nice young man who so impressed me with his poise, maturity and affability with his audience
- Jordan Spieth,
well, he won his first PGA tournament yesterday
making him the youngest PGA player to do so since the 1920/30s.

oh, and another fella from the Greenbrier Classic, 
Kenny Perry, 
yea, he won the US Senior Open yesterday. 

A good day for Greenbrier Classic Alumni I'd say. 

. . .

but if you are totally not interested  . . .

I've got a left over tulip from the orange bouquet. 


  1. That's pretty cool about the golfers. Ever since my kiddo started playing league golf I have found I'm more interested in what I used to think was a pretty boring sport.

  2. So cool about the golfers! Such a amazing experience you all had!

  3. I really don't know anything about golf but it certainly sounds like the young man you mentioned has real talent and character....So glad you had a good time..

    By the way, the tulip is gorgeous....