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Monday, July 8, 2013

winner winner chicken dinner ...

Jonas Blixt won the Greenbrier Classic Golf tournament.
I initially thought I didn't have a picture of him - which is hard to imagine considering how MANY pictures I took,
but I did.

The other winners from last week were the spectators, especially the young children.

This young fella staked out his spot and hung in there day after day gathering autographs. 

(Carl Pettersson) 

(Darron Stiles) 

(Jin Park) 

(Jordan Spieth) 

I was particularly impressed with this young man, Jordan Spieth and the extra attention he gave his audience when signing autographs. Perhaps the fact that he himself is only 19 years old and not so far removed from the awe-struck stage lent itself to his particular attention to this little girl as he asked her if she was enjoying herself and if she played the game.

(K. J. Choi) 

(Luke Guthrie and Roberto Castro) 

(Webb Simpson)

It was fun to snap pictures of the athletes golfing or practicing their techniques, 
but it was even more fun to capture moments when they interacted with their fans and colleagues.  
I recognize that after awhile the process of their job becomes routine and rather rote;
but that brief moment when they stop to give someone a signature with even the hint of a smile on their face,
well, that moment becomes ever-lasting to the recipient.

The little boy who set out to get as many autographs from his golf 'super stars' 
will never forget this week and will cherish that hat for years to come.

a win-win situation for everyone


  1. Great shots and how fun to capture this interaction

  2. What a great shot of him with the rain coming down!

  3. what a great time you and "all" had!! Thanks for sharing such great shots and thoughts!!