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Sunday, August 18, 2013

born to .../song*ography | Scavengering ...

This week's song is 
'Born to Run' 
by Bruce [cough] Springsteen [belch!] 

this would be the point where I change stations

probably the same point where I subconsciously boot kicked my good intentions to the curb.
I had every intention on getting some very specific pictures to fit with the lyrics,
I even outlining them to my son for his collaboration.
but it just never happened.

What's worse,
after working to have something so I wouldn't be holding the brown bag of doggie do-do and 
ding-dong ditching this week's song*ography
my cat went balistic and tore up my hand,
my right hand,
the hand necessary for me to edit, type, and function in general.


no, the dog didn't eat my homework,
but the cat sorta kinda did.

This is all Ike's fault!

absolutely nothing like what I had planned, but it is what I got. 

[Ike's fault - just saying!]

for more interpretations of this week's song, hop over to youllshootyoureyeout

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

and for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday:



 [glass ground cover in flower bed]





  1. I love your born to run, and all your edits this week are really neat and interesting! Sorry to hear about the hand, I hope it is on the mend quickly!

  2. Great shots all of them. this seems to be a very nice week for photographers here. I like all that I have seen. They are very creative.

  3. Sure, blame the cat!! I think you did a great job, in fact I am kicking myself as I had a bug I took this week and could have used for tiny and forgot about it!

  4. too bad about the hand, but the auto in the background sure got my interest!

    1. Gregory - it is an Impala and is for sale to boot (saw it beside the road with a For Sale sign which equals "photograph me" in my language).

  5. These are great!! Love the Born to Run picture and the sensory one, too! Gorgeous!

  6. Born to run.. Great shot, I like !

  7. you have some really cool editing this week

  8. I'm really loving verb and tiny- great use of texture!

  9. You are hilarious! I have to admit, that if I heard "born to run" on the radio then I would probably change the station too...assuming they even play it on the radio anymore! Your picture is pretty cool though, regardless of the song.

    As for scavenger Hunt, I enjoyed your sky picture, as well as your tiny spider. Nice set!

  10. Love your Bruce S. interpretation....and if you managed that with just one hand...chapeau!

  11. Your entry for Song-ography is just fine! Great edit! I hope your hand heals quickly. Cat scratches get infected easily so watch it carefully (yup, that comes from personal experience!). But we love our cats anyway, right?!

  12. First off I'm so sorry about your hand. What got into Ike? - (Been there though with our cats). Seriously though your shot is fantastic. Got that "James Dean" vibe for sure. I think it fits perfectly with the song.

    Your hunt was great as well. Lots of wonderful, creativity going on here. My favorites were the Verb and Tiny shots.

  13. Hmm, blaming that cat huh?? ...lovin' that born to run shot!!

  14. On no Nicki! First I wanna say I am so glad you didn't "ditch" this week's Song-ography. It might not have been what you planned, but you sure made it work. Love the James Dean vibe going on here. You rocked it girl. You might WANT to change the station when you hear Bruce, but I'm thinkin' ya got a little Jersey in ya :). Secondly, so sorry about your hand :(. Hope you are feeling better. Thanks for linking up to Song-ography...I always love your interpretations.

  15. You need to thank Ike-for the inspriation, not the pain. I really like the image you created. I do hope your hand heals quickly. I also really like that transparent shot from you SHS series. Very cool layering.

  16. Beautiful photos, excellent framing, I like ground glass cover in flower bed.

  17. Ike Ike Ike-naughty kitty!!!! But I still like what ya got! Great scavenger hunt too. Love your sense of humor.

  18. Oh, my gosh! I barely recognize your son! He looks so grown! He's got facial hair, for goodness sake! That's just wrong, Nicki, they are growing up so fast!!! (And I love your "accessory" shot!)

  19. Oh is your hand? I hope the pain has gone away and you can start clicking again real soon! Love your photo for "born to run" ...