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Saturday, August 10, 2013

both sides now / song*ography | and SHS...

You read that right my friends - this week's tune will also include Scavenger Hunt Sunday;
and before you get too excited - please know that this SHS submission is more a 'walk of shame', 11th hour, barely sliding into third base, rummage through the archives kind of participation so feel free to forgo the confetti and applause. It has been too long and I miss visiting some of the very creative folks that regularly participate in Ashley's memes.
- anyhoo, here we go. 

 We'll start with song*ography: 

Both Sides Now
 by Joni Mitchell 


Bows and flows of angel hair 
and ice cream castles in the air 
and feather canyons everywhere 
I've looked at clouds that way 

 But now they only block the sun 
They rain and snow on everyone 
So many things I would have done 
But clouds got in my way 

I've looked at clouds from both sides now 
From up and down, 
and still somehow 
It's cloud illusions I recall 
I really don't know clouds at all 

.. .. ..
The intrinsic whim to cloud formation combined with the play of light and shadow keeps me perpetually in awe and frequently pointing them out to my family.  It would seem that as soon as I picked up my first DSLR I started photographing the sky so this week's song lent itself to a well stocked library.

. . .

for more interpretations of this week's song, hop over to youllshootyoureyeout

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

and this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday words:


[My baby - now a Senior which makes me feel like a senior (citizen). ]


 [not exactly - but close enough]


[Ike - you know you missed him!]

1/2 (half) 

[seems like there should be more to this flower]


[this is as close as it gets to a bow around here]

whew! I did it.


  1. "Walk of Shame"...literally laughing my arse off at that :). But only because I've bee there, done that myself at times. What IS it about the clouds that is so captivating? To the continued eye rolls of my family, I am forever pointing out the clouds to them too. They are magical and full of illusion...never static but always morphing. I want to be a cloud in my next life...AND to be able to eat ice cream without morphing too :). Thanks for joining in on Song-ography!

  2. Oh my goodness I LOVE your SHS selections!!!

  3. Nicely put together post. I've been slacking on the SHS. I needed a Felicity break.
    I love your 3rd cloud image-that's a winner. Find someplace to enter it where there are cash prizes.
    Ike looks so my like my Princess P. Maybe he's bigger, but their faces are so similar. Your boy/man-great image. Remember, you can still stand on a chair and be bigger than he is.

  4. Great collection of pictures, my favorite is silly.

  5. Beautiful clouds, I never get tired of them. I like especially the second photo. Is Ike tryign to be fercious?

  6. Your cloud pictures are beautiful. I especially like the one with the calm water contrasting with the sky. So many people also do SHS, I guess I should hop on board. Looks like fun!

    1. Sharon - believe it or not - not water; that is traveling above the fog, just below the clouds. Thanks for the complement.

  7. Great shots, Nicki - I love your bow!

  8. Now those are some amazing clouds. Amazing, really how many different ways there are to see clouds and appreciate them!

    And thank you for always leaving such nice comments at my blog, too!!

  9. Super cloud shots. That last one was breathtaking. I love watching clouds.
    No "walk of shame" needed for your SHS entry. I think you did a fabulous job. Loved your "grass" shot, it could be considered a type of grass. Silly made me smile. Half was lovely and the bow shot was so sparkly.

  10. I love looking at clouds-either from a plane or from my confy chair in the garden! Love what you have did it and you did it well!

  11. I love that last cloud and reflection image! So nice! And that Ike is too cute! He looks like a fun cat. Mine is mean.

  12. These are wonderful you, I absolutely love clouds and have way too many photos of them. I think I need an intervention! :)

  13. Beautiful cloud shots! I find clouds to be completely captivating as well.

    I also enjoyed your grass and half shots. They are lovely! I have been having a hard time deciding which meme I want to do as well. I have been doing Scavenger Hunt Sunday for so long and have really loved it. But now lots of people are doing songography, which is also fun. What a dilemma!

  14. Hi, Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment today. I,too, seem to have more than my fair share of cloud photos, but they're all so beautiful! My "baby" is also grown now: 33! And I love Ike; he seems to have lots of cattitude!


  15. Your last cloud shot is super awesome!!! Love it! Also love your bow picture...makes me want Christmas to hurry! :)

  16. amazing images this week, really awesome!! i hope your kidding about bruce, how could you not LOVE that guy!! perhaps it's a jersey thing, i could listen all. day. long.

  17. Lovely clouds..but oh!!! Your scavenger hunt interpretations are fabulous!!! Thanks for visiting MammothLakesDP!!!

  18. what are you talking about??!! these are awesome girlie! and Ike...what a cutie pie he is.

  19. I love the clouds and fog shot, it´s so dreamy and beautiful!