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Thursday, August 15, 2013

seasonal ...

slipping into
Same day - different sides of the house. I am totally down for 75 degrees, sunny skies, no humidity. The windows are open and the air conditioner is off; I can't remember a mid-August when that happened. I think the kids going back to school earlier even has Mother Nature a bit confused.


  1. Crazy, right!? Our mornings have been so chilly and crisp and I saw an orange leaf yesterday! Here it comes!!

  2. Wow! What a contrast. No wonder it's hard to figure out what to wear!

  3. The summer goes by so fast, doesn't it? I love Black-eyed Susans! My whole driveway is littered with Cottonwood leaves. It's been so dry, but today we finally had rain after almost two months. I never thought I would be happy over rain! I am glad you visited me - I had lost you on my blog roll due to the Google Reader change. xo

  4. It has been gorgeous and cool here, too. Great sleeping weather. I wouldn't mind a nap right now.