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Thursday, August 1, 2013

summer ...

Summer is the stuff of dreams


butterflies and hummingbirds


days that stretch the imagination

from sunny mornings
that slip into hot afternoons
to stormy evenings
and cool nights

it is the time of the year we daydream about 
during class, 
between phone calls,
stacks of paper work, 
and hours sitting in traffic;

it is a destination we allow ourselves to selfishly indulge
as we slowly escape the reality of all other seasons.

 Summer is the stuff of dreams.


  1. Great post, NIcki--lyrical in both photos and words. Good choice of photos to underscore the poetry of the post. That shot of the moon blew me away.

  2. This is the season of butterflies.

    Great shot of the moon!

  3. This is really good stuff!! Visuals for the senses. My heart is with that butterfly!!

  4. Oh, wow. That moon!! Gorgeous, Nicki!

  5. I absolutly love the grass/sky photo...what a great angle.

  6. wonderful captures - love the butterfly!

  7. thanks for your lovely comment! We have not been experiencing hot, lovely summer days here in Chicago. So much rain! All the flowers and trees are still in full bloom and lush and green - that is unheard of in Aug!