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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

there seems to be a pattern ...

The other day we stopped by the rose garden on our hunt for portrait locations.
It didn't take too many sample photos of my son before he sighed and remarked
"go on, go on -  take your flower pictures; it's what you do!!!"
Generally I would take this as an astute observation and the green light to do what I enjoy doing;
but when the delivery comes with an ever-so-slight teenage attitude tone
it loses its luster and seems a little less endearing.

Fortunate for him there were so many flowers that I was quickly carried away and completely forgot to address his attitude tone.

In the end I know that his heart was is in the right place 
- he just happens to be a teen and that attitude tone slips out even under the best circumstances.


  1. oh boy - these photos are great - so colorful!

  2. Lmao!!! I always told my kids-it's a good thing your cute cause the "tudes" get old really fast!!!! Gorgeous flowers and great post as always.