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Thursday, September 19, 2013

soon, real soon ...

The hard drive has been replaced and now the laborious task of locating and reloading as well as mourning the loss of those applications/items that can't be replaced lies ahead of us.  Fortunately we backup important data through multiple techniques, but some things (generally received through the generosity of others) are simply lost.  Crap!  
Well, we needed to do some housecleaning on the computer 
and as the good pharaoh said 
"so it is said, so it is done! " 

- yea, that! 


On a good note - our daughter is doing well in Tokyo - making friends, surviving the language, and evening putting her cooking skills to use. (cooking skills - where were those when she was at home?).  

I'll be back in a day or two with pictures (of some sort) - hopefully! 
... and back to visit others - definitely!
Miss y'all!


  1. Miss you too...thanks for the update on your daughter...Glad she's doing well. I know that helps you get through your day. xo

  2. I went through this early this year. I was shocked at what I lost and how personalized my computer really was. I now save my fonts, presets ,templates, brushes, etc. in folders and back them up when I back up my photos. Even months later, I try to do something on the computer and realize there is still something I am missing.