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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

where have all the (birds) gone ? ...

it is as if they could read:
"First Day of Autumn" 
and whoosh
most of the birds have left us

this is not to say that there are NO birds
just not as many.
we went from long lines at the watering hole
to 'stay awhile, take your time, no rush/no worries'.

hakuna matata!


  1. Oh my fantastic is that shot of the kitty looking at the empty bird feeder thru the screen. Probably longing for spring (and the birds) to return.

  2. right now, my feeders are packed....waiting room only and the bird bath needs filling every day!!

    is it possible the cat at the window has something to do with the decline in your visitors!!

  3. I am in love with your kitty image.

  4. What a gorgeous shot and so true! Nature knows!

  5. Great images and post. Saw loads of birds at my moms during my USA visit. Got a hummingbird story to tell, coming up on the blog soon.

  6. I think my hummers left this weekend...I wish I were going south with them! (o: