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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

yesterday's news ...

one conclusion reached thus far with A being in Japan - 
we are her 'yesterday'. 
 I have set a clock in the living room to JAPAN time so when I get up in the morning, at a glance I know it is evening for her and by this evening, it will be tomorrow morning. My husband remarked that all I have to do is add an hour and switch AM to PM (or vise versa) but looking at a clock makes it more concrete. 
I am a visual person. 

I know we are quickly approaching Autumn,
something I sense more by the changing of the leaves and the sudden appearance of pumpkins on porches
than by the calendar or numbers on the thermostat.
Lets face it - the weather has been nothing if not random this summer 
(and lest we forget last year's Halloween snow storm?).


  1. i love the lighting that you have caught on these flowers. Hard to believe that it is approaching fall. It is still 99 in Texas. UGH!

  2. Such beautiful light! I hope you will be able to visit your daughter in Japan - sounds like a great opportunity, even if you are "Yesterday's news"....

  3. Summer here was an odd one too. Actually August has been mild ,we have oodles of tomatoes and they have stayed green .

  4. That image is just stunning!!

    Hope she's doing well in Japan so far!

  5. The lighting in your photos sets the stage. I have blog friends from Japan, and I am always doing the conversion! Heading toward fall here in the mountains of CO.

  6. Geez! I had completely forgotten about that freak snowstorm.

  7. Wally World was putting out their Halloween costumes on Monday. So it must be Autumn.

    Lovely photos and light Nicki.

  8. Autumn is in the air here too. And I love the clock idea. I have the weather in Ann Arbor where my niece lives, on my phone. it reminds me of her every day.

  9. Oh, having to figure out Japanese time would just make me crazy. Greg would be able to do it and would just roll his eyes at me. But time screws me up. I imagine you will get used to it though cause Skyping in the middle of the night doesn't seem like the way to go. Yay, autumn!!