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Saturday, October 19, 2013

are you feelin it ...

the message is clear

Halloween is closing in upon us
and we all know what that means:

we are already behind on our holiday shopping.

I can say without hesitation
that I have purchased absolutely ZERO Christmas gifts thus far.

and I am completely good with that.
Yes - I have pretty much officially turned into my own mom.


  1. I don't start thinking of Christmas until December. Thankfully I only give a few gifts so not a lot of shopping to do anyway.

  2. Christmas??? oh that's weeks away, why clutter our brains with that stuff now. Enjoy the moments of Fall!!

  3. I am right there with ya.. Not one gift bought yet. I haven't even started a list. YIKES..
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  4. I haven't bought a single Christmas gift either! It's too soon to think about Christmas when I'm throwing a Halloween party tonight! And, yes, we all turn into our moms, in varying degrees sooner or later . . .

  5. That's funny! No holiday gifts purchased here, either. I tend to be a procrastinator. :( Somehow it all gets done, though. Love the Halloween pics! xo

  6. I hear you... I hope my family is good with getting trapping baits for Christmas. That's all I'm gonna have time for. ;)

  7. No Christmas shopping done here either. But we have pared down our shopping to a pretty bare minimum. So it should be easy when I get to it. Will your daughter be home for the holidays?