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Monday, October 21, 2013

Macro Monday ...

“You don't get any points in life for doing things the hard way.” 
~ Tim Fargo ~

The first shot includes the application of Kim Klassen's 'Wake' texture, multiplied, then as an overlay/soft light, and finally with a highpass for clarity. 

The second photo includes darkening around the edges with the burn tool in PS
 with a highpass for clarity. Slightly less complicated. 

Both pictures were taken in the same location, 
the difference in background coming from stepping slightly to the right.

World of difference - simply done.


  1. you make it sound so easy, i don't edit!!

    both images are beautiful, there is something really special about white flowers!!

  2. How beautiful! The black background makes the petals pop!

  3. Very nice , some day I hope to learn more advanced photography !

  4. Both are quite striking in different ways. But, for me, easy is good!

  5. I LOVE Baby's Breath... your images bring out their lovely delicateness...

  6. I love playing with my photos like this. Love the way it turned out..


  7. Baby's Breath? I don't think I've ever looked at them this closely! They are really beautiful! Wonderful shots! And, I know we don't get any points for doing things the hard way, but, boy, for me, sometimes I think that's the way I'm wired. I never seem find the easy solution the first time out.

  8. Nicki: I just noticed that you updated the pictures of your kids on the sidebar. Boy, they've really grown! Such good-looking young adults! Your daughter gets more and more beautiful as time goes on!

  9. The first picture is my favorite so soft and sweet like a newborn.