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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

say what ??? ...

[he did WHAT???]

okay, I feel I have some splaining to do 
("you got some splaining to do Lucy")
'I Love Lucy' fans
nothing ???

for the record (since apparently my blog posts are, in fact, read by my family members)
the boy did not break any laws 
the boy did not wreck, scratch or dent any vehicles
the boy did not injury any pedestrian, passenger, or other living, breathing creature

 what the boy did was not be where he was supposed to be 
went elsewhere without his cell phone on him ("accidentally") 
broke about 2-3 rules associated with the privilege of driving as it pertains to this household
in short, he took my vehicle and runt off! 
(for you 'O'Brother Where Art Thou' fans)
nothing ???

 so yes, according to my brother, I tend to flip out at the drop of the hat, so to speak. 
but excuse me if I don't take his observation too seriously 
as this is coming from the teen who in a fit of anger, tore out of the house, took my car and promptly crashed into another vehicle putting my beloved orange Nissan B210 in the body shop 
 ... this coming from the boy who hit a cow driving to the next town, flipping his 280z 
 ... this coming from the boy who on more than one occasion had to coast into the gas station for petrol 

but being the mature adult that I am, I will concede that I do sometimes overreact
- I should perhaps change "mental anguish" to "mad as hell" 

as an update to the concerns for the boy's well being,
I have given him supervised visits with his cell phone
and he is allowed to drive provided an adult is present

see, I can be all grown-up about things!


  1. Hee hee I understood the whole last post ~ lol
    Love Lucy too :))))

  2. I'm so glad I don't have teenage drivers in my family any longer! :)

  3. Oh my...I do recall those days. Keep your chin up!

  4. Someday, I hope, and I am trying to cheer you up here.......someday you will all laugh about this whole thing! Yup. It might take a few years, but someday.........(we do a lot of laughing now that the 4 teens are grown) :) xo

  5. I also remember those days.. Glad they are past me now..