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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

a new day | a different season ...

Among the colorful, albeit fallen foliage, the yard beckoned for a little end of season rumble.
 Across the front lawn some 'wild onion' had strategically sprouted as if to stick its tongue out and say:
"ha, I'll show you!".
The gauntlet was thrown'
so the ole mower was cranked for one last round. 
The temperatures were perfect for an old lady's mid-life thermostat - cool breeze, zero humidity.
I scoffed at the prospect even so far as to contemplate shorts and t-shirt;
and at one point I thought to myself that given similar conditions, I could mow*all*year.
I'd show that yard.

Yard - 0
Me - 1

and then this happened ...

oh well!
there's always next season.


  1. It's snowing here now! The snow on the fence is gorgeous!

  2. So absolutely beautiful! i love the snow and miss it so much in Texas! Lovely way to usher in the holidays

  3. :) So that second to last shot...that is snow bokeh right? So hard to believe people are getting snow already when it's sunny and 70 here. I can only hope for at least a frost for some photo taking, but last year we got nothing.

  4. Guess that little snowstorm visited most of the eastern part of this country. We had our first dusting today. It was beautiful, but gone now. Beautiful pics as usual, but I love! that bokeh in the fence pic.

  5. Lmao-wow are these gorgeous photos.

  6. We had the same problem....only I still have leaves to rake and a yard to!!!