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Friday, November 29, 2013

and so it begins ...

each year I get progressively less interested in putting up the tree.
testing the lights, stringing them on each limb on each row, 
getting that angel on the top, doing unspeakable acts of disgrace to stable her, 
filling the center with solid color bulbs, the exterior with keepsakes;
but once it's up, it takes my breath away,
and suddenly I can't imagine our livingroom without it,
dreading the day it has to come down.


  1. awwww....I understand how you feel! I don't think we loose our enthusiasm, I think we loose our energy! As our kids get older perhaps we feel a little bit of the meaning and joy slipping away!!

    I don't put up a big tree anymore. I have three tabletop trees for each of our special rooms. I'm fine with that and they are pre decorated, covered each year.....then uncovered and plopped. They are soooooo beautiful and I never feel overwhelmed!

  2. I love the photos--beautiful perspective!

    I love the look of the lighted trees and dread having to take them down. We haven't put ours up this year yet. Last year we put up the regular tree, and then I had a tabletop tree. So I got to decorate 2. :-)

  3. Omg Christmas! I'm so excited! I love how holiday-oriented you made the blog look :)

  4. great photos Nicki...I love to visit all my Christmas celebrating blogger friends. Maybe you'll find a happy alternative...

  5. I can relate to loosing interest but like Debbie, I think it's because childeren get older and in my case they all have left the nest. Now I decorate but less abundant then before.

    Love your holiday header!

  6. Loving the look of your blog. Time to pull out the decorations and decorate Big Bertha (our trailer). It won't take long for me this year. Hope you have a great weekend.


  7. I began feeling that same way a few years back. Nowadays, we have a small predecorated tree that we bag up each year and store in the attic. Makes things easier. But last year all but one of the strands of lights burned out on it. Now sure how that will be handled. We'll see...