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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Communal Globe | Shepherd ...

Shepherd University
Shepherdstown, WV

Every time I return to Shepherd I find myself wondering why I was in such a hurry to get out; how might my life have turned out had I slowed down, or even (heaven forbid) taken a job locally rather than insisting on living in the big city with its bright lights, anonymity, and faster pace.  
No regrets - just part of the process.
But I do wonder ...

Shepherd Ram

I didn't go to one football game - not even one.
After my first summer on campus I became a commuter student, living in a town to the east of the campus and working in a town to the west of campus.  The seemingly never ending drive sapped my energy and consumed my free time.
School spirit was unfortunately collateral damage.

Lutheran Church
Spiritual ambiance as you enter and exit the (original) campus.

Tiny House
Tighter Quarters

Established when the college was a 'teacher college' and the students would observe and take notes on the local children as they played in this miniature house. It has all the ear-markings of a Gingerbread House tale: "come my little pretties, come play in my mini house." Nothing creepy there!
What's more, it is located immediately behind the building where 90% of my classes took place and I don't even remember it. How does that happen?

German Street

Downtown was struggling during the years I attended school with a few scattered shops, a bookstore/library, hardware store, and a restaurant or two. But now, well now it is thriving with loads of foot traffic and fun community activities.

Movin' on up
The Big House

And as you head out of town across the bridge to Maryland, there remains the Bavarian Inn and the big majestic house on the hill. The more things change - the more they stay the same and despite the altered status from 'college' to 'university', it is by all means still a small and quaint little school in a small and quaint little town (that my husband likes to refer to as 'eclectic boarding on hippie'). 



  1. What a beautiful campus! I know what you mean about the questions of what would life be like if I did something differently, but I think everything turns out fine. As it should be, most often.

  2. What a quaint little town!! Love the statue!

  3. Thank you for the pretty little tour!

    I wonder, too, about how life would have been if I had not moved to live here. Like you, no regrets, merely wondering. :)

  4. oh wow, what a beautiful place...i enjoyed the tour, and that tiny house, how cute!

  5. Such a gorgeous campus, love the "little house" . . . and I think we all wonder sometimes.

  6. Thanks for taking us along on your return to "higher learning" looks like a hoppin'' place now. And what a beautiful campus, funny how we see our past in a much different light now.

  7. I enjoyed the tour of your college. I do wonder about "what if" this or that at major turns in life. My college is small, in the foothills, built around a mansion rather than being a big university. The people are what shaped me more than the place. I'm still in touch with some of them. Good memories :)

  8. Looks like a beautiful campus in a sweet little town. When we are young, all we want to do is get to the next step, always moving forward as fast as we can. It's always nice to go back and revisit things we might have missed. Love the little house. xo

  9. Such a beautiful campus! I Wonder how the library would look like ... I'd imagine it has also a special feeling and atmosphere in an old building with a history.

  10. What a beautiful campus. Thanks for the tour. I enjoyed it.