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Thursday, November 7, 2013

inspire me {Challenge to Share} ...

A fellow blogger did a post the other day about artists/bloggers/photographers/magazines that inspire her. In the course of her conversation she encouraged the rest of us to do the same; so here goes (and in no specific order):


[worth getting grounded for] 

He can push the boundaries of photography as well as perfect the rules.  Photography and Media Art is calling his name, it has become part of his identity and given direction to his future.  Ryan is often my catalyst to get out and take pictures - an idle camera is a waste of possibilities.

.. .. ..


Deanna inspires me on so many levels and regularly brightens my day by either a visit to her blog or her to mine. She is the epitome of grace and kindness, takes Sunday drives, and has a gift for finding the most divine barns and nick-nacks. I love her style, her artistic eye, and seemingly perfect application of textures and words that take her images from wow to WOW! 

.. .. ..

Annie Manning at Paint The Moon

This site is an excellent source for photo tips, modeling suggestions, photoshop actions/templates, editing know-how, and pretty much everything as it relates to photography.

.. .. ..

catalogues and magazines
more specifically

Urban Outfitters


Brooks Brothers

The artistry that goes into the publication of catalogues anymore is extraordinary.  Gone are the days of Sears & Roebucks' stiff and lifeless models.  When exploring ideas for teen or young adult pictures - these are two of my go-to sources.  Lets face it, most teens want to look like they just stepped out of a magazine 
- so why not go to the source.

.. .. ..


If you are looking for wit, wisdom, and some rocking awesome lifestyle photography - go no further.
Be prepared to laugh.
Be prepared to be amazed.
Be prepared for 
well, who knows what!
I can honestly say there is never a dull moment with this Philly Girl.

.. .. ..


Gina Kleinworth

Mom to 3, wife to the Fire Chief
cook and crafter extraordinaire

I am constantly schooled on how to photograph food and condemned to the walk of shame for what I once referred to as "crafting" by this truly accomplished lady.

If you are wanting to photograph food - check her out.
If you just like looking at food - check her out.

.. .. ..


Nancy at A Rural Journal
Creative, Real, Generous (has some wicked texture skills).
Someone who puts it out there, illustrates the beauty of a simpler way, and always has words of encouragement.

Kim Klassen - Another very gifted artist of textures and teacher on how to properly use them.

Kelly at Just A Click Away - queen of clean and simple edits and from the moment I read her blog I felt like we must have known each other in a previous life.


if we're talking pet pictures
Barbara at words words words
I mean she does "Cats on Tuesdays"

.. .. ..
but not least

The lady who inspired me to do this
and all those flower pictures

yep - it comes from 

This list only scratches the surface of those who encourage, challenge, and inspire me.
I would have to add that my daughter is the one who started me on photoshop and initially encouraged my photography (just as long as it wasn't of her).  She has served as a reminder to me that it is imperative in life to reach for some lofty goals and in the course discover wonderful things about yourself and the world around you.

If you have some you would like to share - you can at

Challenge to Share


* Some images have been "borrowed" from these fine artists and are not mine.


  1. Awww, thanks for the mention Nicki -- I think you are pretty darn inspiring too. :)

  2. Such a great collection - many are my favs too!

  3. Inspired by Kim Klassen, Deanna and Mona I got my first dslr a year ago and started my photographic journey. Now I'm still learning and enjoying being inspired by other phorographers.

  4. Nicki this is wonderful I will definately be checking into each of these blogs.
    I love taking photographs but am the first to admit I am not a disciplined photographer .
    I admire those that really know the nut and bolts of photography.
    I really say with sincerity that you are one of the photographers.
    I admire along with many of the dedicated photography blogger.
    When I use the word photography in my labels it is used loosely.
    there are so many wonderful photographers in blog land that really expand,
    and take photography to all the levels it deserves.
    Thank you so much for this share.

    1. Thank you. The beauty of the blogging community is how much we take away from visiting each other - inspiration, encouragement, comradery.

  5. Holy Guacamole! Can't believe you included me in this group, but gotta tell made me smile this morning :). I love this idea of spreading the "inspiration" joy, I'm going to have to ponder this one myself. And I do love stopping by your blog to see what is going on in your corner of the world AND your amazing photography, and NOT just because you feed my ego :)

  6. You just blew me away, first with the honor of being an inspiration to you and 2nd to be included with this line-up of wonderful awesome bunch. You certainly put a big smile on my face this morning, so unexpected, but totally delighted. Your wit, wisdom & photography always provide me with great pleasure. Thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart!!

  7. Such beautiful inspiration! I can agree with you on everything you said about Deanna and I will take a peek at all your wonderful suggestions. xo

  8. Nicki ♥ I'm so very thankful you took the challenge! Fantastic list & I'm SO proud you included me!!! Now I'll check out your links :)

  9. What wonderful inspirations!!!
    Each and every one!

  10. I plan to check out these sites on a cold Wisconsin evening ...thank you!

  11. I follow a lot of the blogs you mentioned here. So much talent here in blogland. Including your photos..

  12. Ohhh Nicki...can I just say...I'm giddy that you included me? I love posts like this because it gives us all a chance to hook up. I don't know if I could do just 10! MWAH!!