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Sunday, November 10, 2013

it takes all kinds | song*ography ...

All Kinds of Kinds 
~ Miranda Lambert ~

... if they'd look in the mirror they'd find
that every since the beginning ...

try as I might, I am not a country music fan, 
as such, I was completely unfamiliar with this song 
and only vaguely familiar with the songstress because she is married to a dude who is on The Voice,
with which I am only casually familiar; 
but since it does take all kinds to keep this world spinning 
I figured I'd look through what I had to see if I could find something that might work. 

 .. .. .. 

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  1. This is so great, Nicki! I agree, I am not a huge country fan, but that one line spoke to me!

  2. It worked...seems like these words hit home to everyone playing. Happy Sunday my friend

  3. I'm not a country music fan either - after a while they all start to sound the same! But I did enjoy the lyrics to this particular song.
    You did well with your shots, love that first one! Can just hear the hens cackling away…………LOL!

  4. Funny how the people shot involves finger pointing, and the nature shot illustrates the acceptance! So much to learn from the diversity in our natural world!

  5. No country fan here either but the song does have meaning - and interpretations abound! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love your nature shot.

  6. You and I are just alike in the country music realm. I hadn't heard of Miranda Lambert until I watched the Voice. This song has truth in it, though. And it's a catchy way to phrase it. Love that vintage photo!

  7. Well I hear you on the Country Music, I know who the singers are (most of the time) but I'm not a huge fan of CM music other then the older style that I grew up listening to because my mom loved it. The song was certainly interesting and the message was pretty clear. I like your interpretation. Can't you just see those ladies gossiping, that's what it remind me of. Such a beauty in your nature shot. ( All nature sings and round me rings the music of the Sphere's.)

  8. Nice pictures, I love these two totally different types of photos!

  9. I'm not a country fan either, but I like your pics and am willing to believe that they illustrate the song very well.

  10. I like all kinds of music country included. I didn't join in this week because I couldn't decide how to interpret it.
    Yours is creative. I like that first shot and the edit. I don't know what thought processes took you in that direction but it worked.

  11. It does take all kinds .
    I'm pretty diverse with most things, including music.
    Love the shots.

  12. Yep they work, and from a distance especially you can see all the different kinds of trees, colors, heights, shapes...reminding me of people!

  13. Love those old timey dresses! It does take all kinds - there's someone for everyone. Lots of finger pointing going on in this country lately, maybe this should be our national anthem. Just sayin' xoxo

  14. Such a creativity you posses, Nicki! Lovely old photo with many things going on there! And the beautiful fall landscape the trees are somehow standing out is a lovely way, almost like a 3rd-dimension would be there!