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Sunday, December 1, 2013

celebrate me home | song*ography ...


 Well I'm finally here, 
 but I'm bound to roam, 
 Come on 
celebrate me home

~ Kenny Loggins ~

a familiar melody
like that familiar stretch of road
you could drive with your eyes closed,
taking you back to casual places, faces,
food and conversation

... whenever I find myself too all alone,
I can sing me home

Kenny Loggins is one of those musicians my sister got me hooked on when we were in college and this particular song is one of his best.  I've heard it performed by several different artists giving their own interpretation and it seems to withstand different cadences or pitch - a sign of a well written song
(that or perhaps I'm deaf,  dumb, and lacking in musical sensibility).
We had the good fortune to see him live in concert several times -

yes, Virginia, there was once a time when even a poor college student could scrounge up enough money to afford lawn seating to a Top 40 music act.

and on each occasion he did not disappoint being as solid a live performer as he was a recording artist.  Not exactly something you can say about a lot of today's 'studio enhanced' entertainers.


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  1. I hope the road is leading to a warm house and hot chocolate and a good book in front of the fire!

  2. Ah snowy roads, so lovely. I really appreciated KL songs as a kid too. Great voice and lots of good lyrics.

  3. That is a great shot, looks this a post card.

  4. Such a pretty shot...I'm excited for 'snow season'!!

  5. it's just so beautiful and the "perfect" amount to be out and about, enjoying it!!

  6. Love the snow! I had quite a few flurries on my journey this weekend, but luckily nothing slippery! I love Kenny Loggins, too. Don't know what it is. Hope you had a great weekend.

  7. I enjoy your snowy Pictures so much, Nicki! I can alsmos smell the scent of snow and feel the frost in my nose ,... Gosh I miss the Cold Winters and the sound of snow under my feet! SO happy being able to see some of it here :)
    We'll stay in Denmark for Christmas this year, maybe we get some snow here as well ... Let's wait and see. This morning theer was a Little frost in the ground ... maybe we're getting there sooner than Iød imagine?!
    Sunshine to your week,

  8. Beautiful wintery photo. Isn't it fun to go hear a favorite artist in person.

  9. Nice capture .... and I'm lovin' your blog header!!! :-D

    diane @ aug's blog