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Friday, December 20, 2013

lets get random at least once more ...

Nancy at A Rural Journal has taken a recess from blogging to spend time with her family and simply to refuel her mantra and creative direction. She decided, however, that she would give Random 5 a go this week so here we are:

... this time of year we are nothing if not random ...

[picture borrowed from a friend of a friend on Facebook] 

 Stopped at the post office the other day to send a package out to my daughter and rounded the corner to find this. Wasn't really expecting it around this time of year (not that picketing is a seasonal thing) - and not to make light of other people's strong beliefs ... but I had to giggle at the Hitler-stash on President Obama. I know it's not funny. There was nothing funny about Hitler, nor is there necessarily anything funny about defacing our president (no matter who it is). Still, I giggled. I also got a chuckle at the "Obama-able Snowman" holiday card at Rite Aid later the same day. Must.Work.On.Inappropriate.Giggling.
I'll add it to my New Year's resolutions. 


I dare you to try and get a reflective picture and get out the room before the picture snaps. 
(#cardiosubstitute, #needtocleanroom) 
 It would seem that the cats found my racing around entertaining; 
 I, on the other hand, found the whole thing to be a bit tedious.
This picture did not turn out as cool as I hoped. 

Yesterday morning there was another full moon. (it is the tiny white dot in the tree)
Is that 2 for this month? Is that normal? Is it common knowledge and I'm just having a brain freeze?  Either way, I'm too lazy to Google - so lets just pretend this is an anomaly that only happens once every 50 years and I did an amazing thing getting a picture of it.  (if that tiny white dot even qualifies)


The Nutcrackers must be feeling a bit neglected considering I've photographed just about each and every other element of Christmas in the house.  Based on their pained expressions - this has not gone un-noticed.  Soooo... I was thinking of doing a post called "ball busters" that included pictures of all the Nutcrackers I have accumulated over the years
- on second thought - maybe not! 


Today is the first day of Winter Break for Ryan. I'm happy and sad at the same time. Glad to have him home - but acutely aware that the first half of his Senior year has gone by in a flash. 

well, that about sums up the miscellaneous pictures sitting on my desktop - pretty random stuff.
and I'd like to add, it was all done eggnog free
- though when I reread some comments, that might be questionable. 
 Many things I struggle with - doing random is not one of them.


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  1. Eggnog free! Say it isn't so! ;) Love Santa and the Nutcracker and the ornament and yes, you can have two full moons in one month. (sorry) Fun random 5. Merry Merry!

  2. I think the reflection shot turned out great! I like the expression on Santa's face, too. Have a happy holiday, and enjoy the eggnog when you can! :-)

  3. Oh, how I love eggnog! Anyway, I've grown so tired of the President-bashing... I just ignore it all-together (glad you got a chuckle because that's likely the best way to deal with it.)

    Have been enjoying your festive shots -- you do it well. :)

  4. What an enjoyable post. Seems like those Nutcrackers deserve their day! Loving your Santa and I'd have had the eggnog! I found the 1st shot (funny) too. I know it's not right but they do have a right to their own opinions.

  5. i love your header shot. i am shocked that they allow them to talk about politics in front of the USPS ... they are always suppose to keep it not political. i worked for them in the past so i know that for hand. we were never allowed ... big no no. i love reflection in the ornament & the nutcracker. so cool!! is he small? or tall? ( :

  6. Lmao-eggnog free!!! You silly woman!! I get the whole 1st semester over for Mr. Senior Ryan thing. I do enjoy your ramblings and photos Nicki-xo

  7. I had a nice young man come up to me at the post office and ask if I wanted to sigh a petition to impeach Obama. I just want to get my mail. Please. Most of these people don't even bother to vote. Love the reflections - literal and figuratively. :) I know that bittersweet feeling of the senior year. It will be O.K. :) xo Karen

  8. I love the angle of the nutcracker photo. So creative! I thought we had 2 full moons awfully close together, too. Maybe it has to do with the solstice. We could google it and find out, but it's more fun to guess. Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

  9. I have so much fun when I visit your blog!!! :-D
    "Eggnog Free"????? LOL
    Merry Christmas!
    diane @ aug's blog