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Thursday, December 26, 2013

surprises still count ...


I hope everyone had a joyous and memorable Christmas.

We had the pleasure of Skyping with Kiddo#1 in Japan both the very early hours of her Christmas Day and then again the morning of our Christmas Day.   She wasn't able to score a reservation at KFC for Christmas dinner (no joke - you have to make reservations) - but she still was able to connect with friends and go to a location famous for its sweets, where for about $15 you can eat to your hearts content for 90 minutes. They do have food beyond sweets - but that is apparently the highlight - and at this time of  year, isn't that true just about anywhere on earth.

Thingie #2 picked out all of his own gifts so no big Santa surprises there
... or was there ???
We snuck in a rock'n set of headphones.  SURPRISE!  Hopefully after the awesomeness dies down, he will turn the volume down to a low roar to avoid future deafness.  Probably not.
But he WAS surprised -- just shows you never get too old for Santa gifts.


Interesting Fact:  Today all Christmas decorations will be promptly taken down to make room for New Year's decorations in Japan.  Christmas is a commercialized based holiday there with much less emphasis on religion. It is celebrated more along the lines of our Valentine's Day, where fellas get their gal some sweets and go out to a very nice dinner, and where singles go out and drink away their lonely existence.   New Years on the other hand, is very faith loaded with rituals and symbolic acts.
~ and now you know ~

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  1. From a woman who has wrapped all her own Christmas gifts for her entire adult life....I will say that YES! Surprises do count! I love it when one of my kids...or very occasionally my proverbially practical husband...sneaks in a gift that I haven't yet seen. This year my husband surprised me by offering to buy me a new laptop...and thought I wrapped it, his offer was a complete surprise!!

  2. Glad you had a great Christmas even without your daughter being by your side...I bet it was just great skyping with her, seeing her, knowing that she was aok. And no, I did not know that about Christmas in Japan. But isn't Christmas commercialized here to the max as least we 'try" to keep Christ in Christmas. And now I understand why we could only find Chinese Restaurants open on Christmas Day.

  3. Skype is such a gift! Love how it keeps us connected with loved ones! Glad you were able to have that. Kind of chuckling about a res. for KFC! How funny!

  4. Well, I learned something new today! Glad you were able to skype and celebrate via the interwebs!

  5. Sounds wonderful - you must be so grateful for Skype! It makes sense that the New Year would be more revered in Asian countries - but I never really knew that. You learn something new every day....So funny about surprising # 2 son - so cute. Santa lives! :) xo Karen