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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a sample ...

no, more like a hint of the awesomeness that was 
 Kim and Nicki's Wild Adventures 2014
~ California Edition ~

[Pasadena, CA]

The 125 Rose Parade
Best Parade Ever!
Had a blast.  Took a couple of pictures. Will likely require several dedicated posts.
(you'll probably feel like you were there with me by the time I'm done.)

[Laguna Niguel, CA]

Lots of time at the beach

[Laguna Beach, CA]

Some excursions in Pasadena.

[Pasadena, CA]

... and the sunsets


[Aliso Beach, CA]

a little bit of wildlife

"we love it"

[Los Angeles, CA]

and food
Can you believe I've never had fish tacos before?
Well, now I have.
(All I'm gonna say)
(except - YUM!)
{though not from a truck}

[lost in Los Angeles, CA]

and some shopping
(window and otherwise)

[Laguna Beach, CA]

a stop up the canyon at the school of art
and artisan studios

and more
so, so much more

on a side note:
woke up to 8 degrees this morning, throat still sore (but improving), and somewhat rested.
My New Years gift to myself was a Fitbit.
Love It!
I bring this up because according to it I didn't rest as well last night as I thought.
Still - better than nothing.

I have probably listed several location with the wrong beach
which is where my sister will come in and set me straight
- so take my directions with a grain of salt.


  1. Fish tacos are the bomb...try BAJA's next time!!! I'm still bummed I missed you...i'd say i'm sorry I was Paris...but I'd be lying! Glad you had a good time in CA. xo

  2. So many of my blogger buddies have taken such awesome trips lately. And looks like you have taken one too. My son lives VERY close to Laguna Beach and he and his wife go there quite frequently. In fact I have been to some of those very spots you posted. Glad you are back, sorry that you are under the weather, rest and get well so you can post more of those Rose Bowl Parade pics!! Happy New Year

  3. Those floats are awesome!! The beach oooo warms me up on this frigid morning!

  4. Wow, totally jealous of your trip! What sights and adventures. And it should only get warmer from here on out to spring! (At least we can only hope)

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time!!! I can't wait to see more pictures.

  6. Oh how I miss California. Looks like you had a blast there. I am LOVING all your shots. Fish Tacos are wonderful. I got my hubby a fitbit for Christmas. Now I want one. I can't wait to see more photos.

  7. Great pictures...I think tide pools are one of my very favorite things!