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Friday, January 17, 2014

phoning it in | 5 Random ...

After spending a day using only my cell phone camera while visiting my sister
it struck me that there must be room for at least one day dedicated to cell-pics.

"phone it in Friday" has a nice ring to it.
Who knows, maybe I'll even get around to putting them on Instagram - maybe.

My sister has a different phone than I - a Samsung Galaxy or something 
and it takes pictures 
Well, correction 
- SHE takes amazing pictures with it. 
(be like saying my Nikon takes amazing pictures when in reality it would sit on its arse day in and day out if I didn't at least show up and push the buttons
- so all you photography aficionados don't get your panties in a knot...)


I'm thinking it is time to take this iPhone 5 and kick it in gear.  Perhaps with practice I too can take some amazing stuff.  (don't get me wrong - I get it right sometimes - just not with any regularity.)

[like this one below - totally nailed it - well, actually mother nature did the work - I just showed up and pushed a button.]

Since it is still January, I can address resolutions/word choices/goals; 
and since it is a Friday - I can be random about it
(which I would have been anyway - but this way I can link-up) 

1) I gave up diet coke on January 1st. 16 days under my belt and gallons of water later - I mostly don't miss it.
 Artificial sweeteners are next. 

2) If I were to pick a word for this year (which many people do to inspire and motive through the year) - it would be "go". I need to break from my routine and do it more. Go for it. Go get it. Go do something different; go somewhere different; go upstairs and get to work; just GO... 

3) I give good advice. I follow none of it. Okay, maybe some of it - but too often when I rehash an event in my mind, one of my shoulders speaks up and says "well, that could have gone better..." and it occurs to me that if I had heeded my own advice, my other shoulder might have spoken up and said "good job! Mother Teresa would have been proud."
- or something like that. 

4) I wish 'Clean-Sweep' was still on TV and they picked my house and came in and basically biOtch-slapped me into getting rid of all the crap stuff in my closets/drawers/under beds/behind doors/boxes.
Crap - someone call Hoarders - I am positive I qualify for that show.  (it is still in production, right?)

5)  When I get sick I do not do it half-assed.  I've got the cough of a 50 year smoker and sound like a waitress at a truckstop.  On the upside - I can now add truckstop waitress to my list of potential employment options.

and this would be where I'm linking up today:


  1. Haha! Awesomely funny randoms Nicki -- and I don't do cell phone shots because my old Android phone has a sucky camera.

  2. I am the same way with the advise! Love the pictures!

  3. You got my day started with plenty of chuckles! :-) My iPhone photos are hit and miss, too. Good for you on the diet Coke! I probably need to give up Diet Pepsi completely, but I enjoy it so much! I am trying to cut down . . . .

  4. i love the shore line. panoramic. that is a real view. lovely! i wonder what you will sweeten with? we are using truvia... trying to think of what they call the store brand? it works well but hard to know the correct amount like when i use sugar. ( :

  5. Lordy you are hysterical! Great random 5 Nicki. Please post on IG!!! You'll find me there so you know you're not alone!!! And yes!!! You nailed the pics!!!!!

  6. Ha ha! This was funny all the way thru. I like phone it in Friday. I think there should be a time where phone images get the spotlight. I have been remiss in using mine much this year. I need to step it up! Hope you feel better!

  7. You just always seem to make me laugh out loud ... for a long time!!! LOL
    You know, I just can't get into this iphonography ! I don't know why.
    I guess it makes me feel like I'm cheating on my camera!
    Have a great weekend!
    diane @ aug's blog

  8. well you did capture some awesome photos with your i-phone, and you did make me laugh all the way thru your post, but I am afraid I would beat you out in the qualification for the "clean sweep"....I am awful, I am almost following into that hoarders category, it's scary.

  9. Great Random 5...I would almost qualify as hoarders. No, not even close really cause I do pitch a lot of stuff. I just need to get busy and pitch more. Heavens, there are only two of us here and we should have plenty of room.

  10. Great news that you're kicking artificial sweeteners. I've been using my iPhone 5 more and more. It's handy, lightweight, and has a good camera. I'm practicing composition. I don't expect any of my work to be hanging in a museum, so having fun with the camera is what I want.

  11. I am firmly attached to my Droid, but have to admit that my husband's iPhone takes much better pictures so I am sticking to the Nikon, thank you. Here's to doing some un-hoarding! I am going to start on that when we return home.

  12. Congrats on kicking the Diet Coke habit. I gave it up a couple months ago, hard at fist. Don't even miss the stuff now!

  13. I am trying to give up artificial sweetener as we speak. No fun at all. Your phone photos rock my friend.