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Friday, January 24, 2014

phoning it in | random Friday ...

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[iPhone 5 image]

 Random 5: 

 1. The board of education has the due diligence to call not once, not twice, but three times to inform us that because of extreme icy conditions our roads have been determined to be too hazardous to traverse and therefore they will not be running the bus route. They failed to enlighten us as to how this plays out for our children. If we do not take said hazardous roads ourselves to transport our children to school, are they counted absent or is it one of those "excused absences" - which essentially is still an absence.  I have inferred from the lack of information - "it's everyone for himself."

2. Somewhat related so perhaps not exactly random. My son looked over at me last evening and with fingers outlining his words for emphasis, informed me that I am a "square". Said he saw it in Pulp Fiction or something - not sure because I was laughing so hard. {yea, he is going to school!}

3. We have officially hit the point where it is so stinkin cold our bed is a mountain of quilts. I'm not exactly sure why we do this because no one sleeps well with that many blankets and 2/3 of them end up at the foot of the bed or the floor. Even the cat thinks it is over-kill. #enoughallready

4. One of our neighbors has a dog that barks/howls like someone has shot him. Everytime he and his compadres go running through the yard, him howling, I drop everything and run out fearing the worst only to find he is on the hunt for one of the cats, and then I'm just pissed off. I wouldn't shoot him - but I'd be lying if I said some variation on it didn't cross my mind. Fortunately all the kittens and neighboring kitties can escape through the fence safely.

5. Is it too soon to say "I am so over winter"? Regardless, I am.


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  1. I'm done with white too - especially when it gets dirty. I don't remember ever having so many cold days.

  2. It is SO cold here too! Was -8 this am, before windchill. I love the cold for sleeping though, I sleep so well!

  3. Yep. Over it here too! Stay warm!

  4. I've never heard of a school system just canceling the buses but not canceling schools. That's awful!

    We've been piling on the blankets, too. Then the cat lies on top of the pile.

  5. Okay, so they aren't running buses because it's too dangerous, but want YOU to drive in your car? Did they slip in the ice and hit their heads? lol

    I live on the gulf coast where we don't get much winter...but I am still ready for it to be over...that's sayin' something.

    Have a great day!

  6. I AM ALSO VERY OVER WINTER. Have you thought of a big electric blanket turned on HIgh. They are wonderful

  7. Polar Vortex! There, I had to say it one more time. :)

  8. I feel a common thread here - yup, I'm done with winter and cold and wind and cold and snow.
    And did I mention I was sick of the cold?

  9. Here ... let me say it for both of us: "I am soooo over winter!" My granddaughter has missed 8 days of school due to weather and who knows when they'll get out come May/June. Certainly not May. And January isn't over yet. Polar Vortex, go home!

  10. Love the curve of the birds…amazing shot. YES, OVER WINTER!

  11. i wonder if the dog is lonely or sad? poor thing ... but i totally sympathize with ya. we had a neighborhood dog that did the same thing as a kid. it was a pain in the bootay!! ( :

  12. I'm with you ... so over winter! It seems to be extremely long this time around!
    Nothing worse than howling/barking dogs ... at night ... or anytime!!!
    Great shot!
    diane @ aug's blog

  13. I feel bad for all my bloggy friends who are enduring those ridiculous temps. I agree with Diane...not a whole lot can make my me boiling mad in about 2 seconds flat that a barking dog at night. Great iphone shot btw. xo

  14. I am right there with you on being over for the dog, it is usually not the dog I get angry at, it is the owner. I won't go into it, because I would end up mad.

  15. Yes I have hash tags a few photos on Instagram with #ihatewinter :)

  16. We have escaped the worst of the winter for now by going to Texas, but we are heading for home on Sunday. Hope the snow stays somewhere besides our route. I don't mind winter normally, but it has been soooo cold this winter, that's hard. But it's normal for us to sleep in a 55 degree room so I am used to blankets. Actually, I prefer it that way.

  17. Fabulous post. We have had rain, no snow and rather mild in temperature. So really not much to complain about apart from the rain. As you are tired of snow I am tired of rain. OH and yes it is yet another rainy day today.