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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

black and white and Wednesday, oh my ...

As I proceed with my annual de-clutter, I find it difficult to dispose of yesterday's habits.
In this case tea.  Once I went latte I never looked back,
but you never know when the mood might strike.

High Tea anyone?


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a little something extra

while typing this post, in the background there was a rerun of the BBC's Top Gear with Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith) and he quoted his mother:

"don't ever be afraid 
cause amateurs built the Ark, and pros built the Titanic."

life quotes from Aerosmith
- now who would have guessed that?


  1. Love the tea and what a great quote! How wise!

  2. Great shot and very creative as the weather here is 'frightful' with more snow, rain, ice, cold to come! ~ Ready for tea or latte ~ Love chai latte ~ thanks,

    arol and artmusedog

  3. SERIOUSLY love that quote! Never underestimate a long-haired man with huge lips :).

  4. Comforting photo - calming! Need that hot liquid to warm us from the inside out these days! Thanks so much for joining in BW Weds!

  5. You definitely need to keep that tea stuff - yours is so vintage - perfect for a black and white.
    Stay warm!!

  6. Loving that little tea strainer! I just had a cup of Chai tea - so good. Love the quote. Wisdom lurks in unlikely places. :) xo

  7. The pot looks just like the one right here in Big Bertha.... Love your photo..


  8. That's a delightfully vintage piece! You HAVE to hold on to that.
    I so miss Steven on that quote too.

  9. Not a tea drinker, but I do love that old pot!

  10. I would gladly come for high tea. My tea ball got dented in this last move. It was made from mesh, not metal.