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Monday, February 17, 2014

macro Monday | Good Random Fun ...

I commented on another blog last week that with the amount of snow we've had this year, 
I have no excuse for not working on getting a "GOOD" snowflake macro. 
 No excuse at all - unless you count: brrr!


They say each snowflake is different from any other snowflake
- one might even say their shapes can be "RANDOM"
(work with me people, work with me!).

So I backed the car out into the driveway and managed to get a few good ones from the windshield.
All-in-all, it was FUN - especially since I didn't have to venture too far out into the cold stuff.

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  1. These are gorgeous!! Hmm maybe tomorrow I will try to capture one flake (-:

  2. So pretty! I love seeing the individual flakes and their intricacies.

  3. You did good Nicki! These are awesome macros.

  4. Beautiful!!!! I love the small pile where the individual flakes are so clear. And then to get, not only a snow flake or two...but their shadows!! Amazing!

  5. Those are fantastic! We have so much snow, I don't think I could find an individual to photograph.

  6. Oh, wow! Nice job - these macros are beautiful!

  7. They are so hard to photograph. I'm still trying for that good shot. These are great!

  8. Oh, I'm so jealous (not of all the snow mind you) just the snowflake, lol! I suppose I'm just going to have to visit my mom in Chicago for one of those, huh! ;) Fabulous shot...

  9. Wow, I love the detail on these - very nice!
    Yeah, we've received more snow than I care to ever see and that has probably prevented me from getting a good macro, although now I'm really tempted. Hoping your week is snow free!