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Friday, February 28, 2014

random 5 (TGI)F / iPhoning some of it in ...

[some people are just wired differently] 

Harold Ramis of Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, Groundhog Day fame passed away this week.
 Any time I think of Ramis I think Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, John Candy 
... I think of Gilda Radner (gone too soon). 
 I think of a group of comedians who changed our idea of funny, dealing with authority, late night TV.
The people who made it cool to be silly.


[iPhone 5: downlow]

Hi, my name is Nicki.  I enjoy pink grapefruit sparkling ice, 
long walks on the beach, deep conversation ...
 Sparkling Ice - an excellent substitute for carbonated soda.


[too cute to eat]

Tokyo Disney ice cream thingies - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry. 
Or that's what I think Allyson told me 
... her late night is my early morning at which point I have only consumed maybe a 1/2 cup coffee, 
and a 1/2 cup low on caffeine is the universal excuse for not remembering diddly-squat.

[iPhone: passing fancy]

I like when someone just puts it out there, lets their 'freak flag fly'.
A phrase once used to describe hippies, characterized by being cool, not letting other people tell you how to live,
being yourself and doing your own thing.
We encourage our children to be themselves, do their own thing, and not succumb to peer pressure.
When you think about it, all this time we've been encouraging our kids to be hippies.
Did everybody else already know this and I'm just late to the party?


[the heart of the matter]

February - normally I would say I'm sorry to see you go so soon, but with your departure we are one day closer to Spring. And normally I am not eager to flee from one season to the next as time goes fast enough, but I am becoming increasingly convinced that our local board of education is bent on having year round school, even if it means calling a snow day at the slightest hint of a flurry.  It's called "Code Orange or Green or something - just not Red".  Go with 2 hour delays already so these kids can graduate while they're still young.  

not random enough
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  1. Kudos to you for encouraging your kids to be themselves! I'm thinking that if you are secure in being yourself (and it sounds like you are), then your kids will turn out well balanced too.

  2. Yes, too many really good comedians gone much too soon.

  3. i had to sit down & watch Ghostbusters again ... such a great movie from my childhood. i love the marshmallow man ... so cute!! great shots. i love the 1st with those wiring - so true. ( :

  4. Yes it was sad to hear about Harold Ramis. I love the flower picture. I take a lot of closeup flowers and then paint them! Nice.

  5. sad about harold ramis ...another watch of ghostbusters is in order. children should be children so they can find out who they are -- you go girl! i admit i giggled when i read "so the kids can graduate while they are still young" ... oh, my! i like pink grapefruit anything. enjoyed all your images. happy friday -- stay warm!

  6. This week's post was a lot of fun. Your photos are great too.

  7. It was so sad about Harold Ramis! The Toy Story ice scream is awesome!!

  8. Great photos, I would so love to go to Tokyo Disney. I so love the idea of getting your freak on I love the idea of daring to be different....

  9. I heard some snippets about Harold Ramis this week, but didn't realize he had passed away. That makes me sad.

  10. Really wonderful photos and a great Random 5!
    Have a happy Friday :)

  11. absolutely beautiful photos! you have a super awesome blog.
    happy weekend~

  12. That group of comedians were/are the best. So many good times and laughs with that lot!

  13. I never thought in terms of encouraging our kids to be hippies, but hippies really were kind of cool. I'm actually very thankful for hippies and all they did to change the establishment, so to speak. They are one cool generation! Now, they're busy changing the way the world looks at and treats seniors. So - yes, I guess, you're right, we are encouraging our kids to be hippies.

  14. All the good ones are leaving us too soon! My kids loved that movie and once on the drive to school (yes, I was the car-pool Mom), my youngest son suddenly yelled, 'Who Ya Gonna Call?' as he pointed out the side window. There was an old yellow hearse just like in the movie. A perfect funny moment.
    I was a Hippie - didn't trust anyone over 30 :), wore my jeans patched, went back to the land, and voted for change. My kids dress up like me on Halloween. That's my life in a nutshell. Still watch Saturday Night Live, but those early days were the best. xo karen

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that top shot. I too was sad when Harold Ramis died. My oldest, Justin, would watch Ghostbusters every day and one year he got the plasma back pack. Oh he was such a cute ghostbuster and he ALWAYS played Egon!

  16. Nickie - these photos and randoms are all so great - I want to be you! I was a college kid in the 60's but too much of a "good girl" to be a Hippie - now I encourage my grands to "be themselves" (but, what does that really mean). I've never heard of Disney Ice cream - they look like pet rocks.

  17. Sparkling ice sounds good-I have never had it. I like the paintings and floral photo also. glad you like the Argaan oil for your hair.

  18. Don't know what it is but I LOVE the wired shot!
    I so wanted to be a hippie. I wore my hair in braids and bell bottoms and once in awhile a headband around my forehead. I even have one with daisies still tucked away somewhere.
    The way you described the generation it is how we want our kids to be - it fits.
    Have a good weekend. Hope the weather we have coming falls short of the forecast. :)

  19. Hello! Feel free to watch my new photo album. I greet and wish you a beautiful weekend!

  20. Interesting random thoughts. That mosaic was really cool, I don't know about being a "hippie" but I like that.
    Your wired shot was cool looking.
    We're those little "limes" in that photo? They were cute whatever they were.
    So looking forward to spring.

  21. "Freak Flag" LOL ... every time I hear that phrase I think of Crosby, Stills & Nash singing "Almost Cut My Hair".
    Yes, I was a hippie and proud of it!
    Have a groovy weekend.
    diane @ thoughts and shots