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Monday, February 24, 2014

well hello there | Good Random Fun ...

I am fairly confident that we are {just about} over this;
granted, the forecast this week is calling for scattered snow showers, a few rain showers, and overcast skies; but eventually we will see a rise in temperatures.

Good things are coming.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw blue.
Not the big and loud Blue Jay blue.
But a blue of the Eastern Bluebird kind (I think!).
Clearly, not a regular at this watering hole.

Oh, the random things that catch your attention from the corner of your eye.

Speaking of blue -
I can not begin to tell you how happy blue skies make me.
Fun Fun Fun!


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  1. I wish I could see more birds from apartment!

  2. Your bluebird shots are exceptional Nicki -- what a great moment for you and us! :)

  3. Those birds are lovely! Certainly a herald of spring. I noticed a little bird gathering yard debris this morning for her nest. We are almost there!

  4. Such a lovely set of photos - the birds are beautiful! And, skies are so very invigorating!!

  5. Awesome Robin. I love robins. I always think of my handicapped Aunt when I see a robin because her two daughters that I know and love well have had many times with robins showing up when they are thinking of their mom, and now I do it too. thanks.

  6. The bluebird of happiness is smiling on your getting closer to spring shots!

  7. How fortunate to see and photograph a bluebird...I think we have a few more months before they return here!

  8. How beautiful - blue skies and a bluebird! The photos are wonderful today. xo

  9. Beautiful bluebirds! and blue skies!

  10. those little blue and orange birds are the cutest little things. Yeah for blue skies!!!

  11. Beautiful little bluebird! I do hope spring is here soon.