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Thursday, March 6, 2014

gone to the birds | little things Thursday ...

[February 28, 2014]

Can you believe this?  I warmed the image up just a touch in edit-
but even straight out of the camera it looked like an Autumn day.

[March 3, 2014 AM]

But by Monday morning's snowmageddon - Autumn was but a fleeting memory and it was
every man bird for himself.

[March 3, 2014 PM]

Despite the sun showing up in the afternoon, it could not trump the single digit temperatures.

[March 4, 2014 AM]

And after a night in the frozen tundra, once the food blocks were dug out, it was all "mine mine mine" and photographer be damned - this one was not leaving its perch.

[March 4, 2014]

Mr. Cardinal, all regal in his red, stopping by briefly; too proud to beg for food.

[March 4, 2014]

The misses on the other hand, stuck around a little longer.

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  1. What cute little birds! Love the cardinal - wish I saw more birds from my windows. But I am hearing them, signs of spring!

  2. Beautiful captures! Birds are always so hard for me!

  3. LOVE these. Birds are so precious and scenes like this always remind me of Jesus' words not to worry where our food comes from because He takes care of even the birds! The second of the Mrs. is my fave. She's so beautiful. Missing my Texas home where they came by regularly.

  4. They are so sweet! I love the background in the first image. It's very autumnal and gorgeous! Thanks for joining me today!

  5. Oh my that first image is like a beautiful dream and those sweet little birds...I'm thinking they're probably done with winter too.

  6. Sweet bird pictures! All so puffed up, trying to be warm. Like Kim, I've been thinking they're so over winter, too. We complain but at least we have warm homes.

  7. Beautiful colors...winter OR autumn!

  8. ahh, those sweet cardinals, one of my favorite birds winter or summer. That reminds me, I must go refill the bird-feeder!!

  9. Oh, such awesome photos. The first does look like a warm, Indian summer scene.
    In our neck of the woods, last weekend's snowmaggedon never materialized - and there was much rejoicing! Here's to warmer days ahead!

  10. Your birds are going to have to invest in some overcoats. When I see our Gray Jays, they remind me of old men in overcoats.

  11. Some nice shots of some pretty birds.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  12. All that delicious bokeh!!! love all your feathered friends.

  13. I can't believe that you were able to get that many good shots of birds! Were you using a zoom lens?

    1. I believe I was using the 70-300 on each of these. Thanks!

  14. Lovely pictures! Very soft and sensitive.