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Thursday, March 20, 2014

little signs of Spring | Little Things Thursday ...

These are popping up in the front yard which is generally a good sign that Spring is here. 

That time of year when fair-weather golfers dust off their clubs and newbies taking up the sport for the first time hit the fairways in full force, supplying greater amounts of slices, hooks, pulls, and shanks.
As a resident on a golf course, over the years I have acquired the appreciation of when to hesitate the car in anticipation of a swing, or take to the opposite direction or side of the road when walking.

This particular gem was planted uncomfortably close to the driveway.

*For the Record:  I do not golf.  I do not judge those that do.  I simply observe and comment.
It is a sport that requires considerable amounts of skill and patience - as does living on or near a course.

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  1. The Kashi ball - wow! Our neighbors, when I was growing up had a tennis court, we had balls in our yard all the time - a true sign of spring!

  2. So, you live close to a golf course I take it? :)

    1. Nancy - I live on a golf course - there is a line of houses that butt up to the greens and fairways - we're on the outside line of houses but with an unobstructed view - and, I might add, a direct line of ball attack.

  3. I sometimes visit a friend who lives on a golf course - we always watch what the golfers are doing before we walk by! I'd imagine those balls can do damage to a mower?

  4. My in laws are avid golfers, and do they golf course lifestyle. There were always stray golf balls around their property.

  5. We live on a golf course, too. We don't actually back up to a fairway. The house across the street do. But, we still get balls in the yard, garden, driveway (a dent in the car is evidence.). There are some really bad golfers out there.

  6. A creative framing, nice golf ball on the first!

  7. I have been nearly nailed by a ball before. We don't live near a golf course, but the condo that we rent quite often is on a golf course.

  8. How many windows have been shattered? Dang!

  9. Oh, goodness! That could be painful! We once collected two 5 gallon buckets of balls in a friend's woods that lived near a driving range. I think I would wear a helmet if I lived there.....My husband golfs as a representative for his company - they participate in many tournaments for charity, so in that respect it is a good thing. But not when you have to play duck and cover just to come home. That is a cool little St. Patrick's Day ball, though....xo Karen

  10. Nice signs of spring, for sure! We live near a golf course. We almost bought a lot that backed up to the course. Would have been a nice view, but also could have resulted in some broken windows. So, instead, we're around the corner and we're within walking distance to the course. Nice if my husband and boys want to golf (I'm not a golfer myself) ... but I don't have to worry about being hit on the head by a ball when I'm in the backyard. :)

  11. I don't get golf but I bet the view is beautiful!!