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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

technically speaking for the techy-challenged ...

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I'm not especially tech-savvy but as soon as I saw a reference to the WU-1b I knew I had to have it.
WU-1b is a wireless mobile adaptor by Nikon which serves as a low cost alternative to a remote control.  It is the size of a thimble that snaps in the USB port on the camera and communicates with your cell phone. The adaptor works from a limited distance, but gives you the advantage of having the picture saved not only on your camera memory card, but also on your phone for (immediate) tweeting/instagraming/e-mailing/facebooking.   I mounted my camera on the tripod, aimed at the fence then went back to my desk to work and wait.  As soon as a bird showed up, from the safe (and hidden) distance of my desk, I pulled up the WU-1b app on my cell, focused and snapped.  The one drawback is the somewhat slow download, but otherwise, this is pretty awesome and fun. 
So technically speaking, I took this pictures with my camera and my phone.
Yep, I'm a pretty cheap date.


  1. Amazing little gadget -- and I love the image Nicki! Have a great day! xo

  2. That's pretty nifty.
    Love that orange background glow.
    Nice capture of the Mockingbird!

  3. I wonder if they have one for a Canon...pretty fun!

  4. Amazing what you can do these days! Great shot, too!

  5. Oh my, now I have to have one of wallet says thank you!! Love the little bird!!

  6. What a fantastic gadget, love the result!

  7. Interesting.... does it also geotag your images? I guess it only saves the .jpg version on the phone? I may need to have this little gadget... I love most things techy. Thanks for the heads up!