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Monday, March 10, 2014

things that put a little spring in your step ...


clock adjustments

Good, Random, Fun
My husband is truly good to me.  Not only does he brings me flowers each Friday, he actually puts some thought into both the type and color. At a glance you might initially conclude the man is color blind, but once the flowers are combined, they complement each other and brighten up the kitchen.

If you want to talk random - who else is of the mindset that this whole turn the clocks forwards/backwards has outlived its purpose?  It's so random to the body to jerk it forward and backwards,whereas if we pick a plan and stick with it, we wouldn't have to retrain our sleep schedules.  I vote we keep the one where it is still daylight at 7 pm.  Thank you!

Fun - the ladybug in my last picture was having a good time fluttering around the computer, phone, and keyboard - right up until the moment Ike noticed the fluttering.  He emphatically does not eat bugs (I've had that discussion with him) - so after the swoosh of the paw, I'm not completely sure where ladybug went.


Considering the probable loss of lives on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the lamenting of seasons and time change seems pretty trivial.  With my daughter in Japan and one of her best friends in China studying abroad - news of this nature takes on extra heartache and concern.  My deepest condolences go out to the families of those on board.

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  1. What a man to bring you flowers! Time change - oy - no comment, but oy.

    And so so scary about the flight - and so weird. Thoughts with them.

  2. Love your shots! The ladybug on the iPhone is great! I'd love if you could link up to Macro Monday at Have a great week!

  3. Beautiful flowers! The time change not so much. I'm with you on the Malayasia Air flight. Breaks my heart. And you are right, once you know someone in Asia, or have traveled/lived suddenly feels close to home.

  4. The tulips are lovely... one of my favorite flowers. So sweet that your hubby brings you flowers every week. :)

    I can't wrap my head around what happened to MH 370. I'm praying that there will be more definitive news soon.

  5. Such a pretty set of photos. I skipped a week buying tulips - must fix that today cause I missed them! For some reason I feel more motivated to keep my kitchen clean when there are pretty flowers to show off.... And I always find it slightly awkward (your word trivial is better) to just go on as usual when we hear of tragedy. The answer isn't to stop - for sure... I think your expression of thoughts and prayers is just what I needed to read. Thanks!

  6. it is a good thing to keep things in perspective. It's easy to get caught up in our little lives and forget that the world is full of all sorts of happenings. I like your tulip image.

  7. Thanks for sharing these. The hands of the clock were my favorite I think.

  8. And, oops, meant to say, aren't flowers the greatest to get from a loved one! Whenever I get a bouquet, I end up smiling because they're so pretty :)

  9. Such lovely tulips! It is awesome that your husband brings you flowers every Friday! Wow...

  10. So true about Malaysian Air. Frankie is a pilot for Delta and left for a trip today. I don't dwell on him flying...but the thought certainly sits in a dark corner in my mind. LOVE that clock's fabulous. And what a fabulous Hubby you have!

  11. Love the sweet tulips and the little ladybug. Guess she flew away home.

  12. I love men who put some thought into type and color and I'm blessed with the same kind of hubby on Thursdays ;) That cute Ladybug stole my heart, beautiful capture!

  13. All great telling shots and so fun. Tulips are my favorite.

  14. All your images are gorgeous, especially the tulips! Those are my husband's favorite flower along with the colors of red and yellow as well.
    I totally agree with you on the whole time change thing! You wouldn't think one hour would mess up our internal clocks, but it sure does, doesn't it?!
    I really do hope we hear something definitive on the Malaysia flight soon. So so sad and I understand your concern.
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