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Saturday, March 29, 2014

turn turn turn | song*ography ...

to everything there is a season 
and a time to every purpose under heaven


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  1. hi Nicki ... waterlogue app? Love the beautiful watercolor effect that it gives! Beautiful!

  2. I have to get this app. :)
    I not only like the watercolor effect; but the abstract feel to it as well.

  3. Gorgeous! I just got the app - totally hooked!

  4. Beautiful! I haven't gotten the Waterlogue app yet -- the tiny price stops me, which isn't rational at all, I know. I love seeing the watercolor effect on flowers like these.

  5. Oh this is wonderful. That water color look just is so fabulous. Makes me wish I had a fancy phone just so I could use it!
    Thanks for stopping by & sorry that you had more snow.

  6. I was walking around my pond yesterday, and struck by last season's leaves that linger....a few on branches and so many in the shallow waters at the edge of the pond. This captures that scene perfectly....and the feel because of the watercolor transition!

  7. Yes, a beautiful watercolor!

  8. This is so pretty when processed with the waterlogue app (?). Nice edit! Thanks for joining in at Song-ography.

  9. I need to waterlogue more pics! That is lovely!!!

  10. Well, if this was processed in the waterlogue app that my fellow commenters are talking about, then it does a fabulous job, because it sure looks like the real deal.