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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

everything in moderation ...

except Awesome ...

you can never have too much Awesome.

Tux issues and tardiness aside, our last Prom came and went without a hitch.
Ryan reports he had a good time except for the 'actual' Prom 
(apparently there is some unwritten rule that no one is supposed to like the dance, DJ, or music at any school dance)

Yes, you read "our last Prom" - if you are a parent/mom - you totally get this.  If you aren't, or your kids haven't reached high school, trust me when I say these events hold as much pomp and circumstance for the parent as they do for the kid.


  1. I actually didn't have a prom! Too small of a school - and a religious Jewish issue of men and women dancing.
    I knew the prom "hub bub" from all my public school friends.

    So glad he had a good time!

  2. Yes, I totally understand - and he does look awesome, great photos!

  3. Great shots! Very handsome! My daughter dissed her proms...and my son went with a really good friend - I think mostly to say he did. I do cherish those few pics of him in his tux!! (and hope my 'out of the box' kids don't regret missing the hub-bub some day...)