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Sunday, April 13, 2014

photograph | song*ography ...

~ by Nickelback ~

look at this photograph
every time I do it makes me laugh
                 [Dear Lord...]

Based on facial expressions, my sister and I knew what [might] happen next.
The little guy had a history of slipping behind the wheel, kicking it into gear, and drifting the car down the driveway into either the ditch if he made a sharp turn, or into the road if he got caught-up in the excitement of the ride.
He had done it before.  He would do it several times again.
WHY our parents left keys in the car with this little daredevil is a mystery to me
HOW they coaxed the rest of us to get in a car with him begs to question our level of intelligence.

But there we stood, dressed for church.
Bracing ourselves for the possibilities.
Smiling for the camera.


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  1. Hi Nicki, wonderful old photograph. When I look at ones my family has we all look so happy. That's not how I remember it..... oh well. I like how you mentioned what you two girls were thinking. Good one!

  2. What a great old photo! What a story too - I love having old photos and passing down the fun stories.

  3. And you lived to tell the tale! I'm cracking up! Love the photo. It's so adorable! I can't get the scenario out of my head now. How terrifying!

  4. That is hilarious! What were your parents thinking?! My family just had a great time sharing memories at my daughter's wedding. It's funny that we had different views of the same memories. Did my daughter "fall" into the cactus or did her brother push her? Ha ha!

  5. Too funny! Yet scary at the same time. Back in the simpler days when things were safer.

  6. WHAT A STORY! haha. Love it. A true treasure both in photo and in story. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography.

  7. hmm...makes one wonder. Still I love photos like this whereas said child looks so sweet!

  8. Couldn't be more perfect for this song!!

  9. It is truly a marvelous photo that can evoke such wonderful memories! I've missed your stories! Hopefully, I'm back!

  10. I LOVE these old photos! Glad you posted.