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Friday, April 4, 2014

we interrupt the regularly scheduled Random Friday ...

Nancy at 'A Rural Journal' is taking a Spring Break,
and while I second the notion, in the spirit of randomness here goes:

5) The vase in this picture was a wedding gift (it has a mate). This is its maiden voyage with flowers.
Better late than never. 

4) I have (sorta) signed up to participate in a Waterlogue Instagram Challenge for the next 30 days. I hope that in doing so I don't come to think of Waterlogue pictures in the same fashion as I do "selective color" pictures. 
 So faux pas. 

3) Well, it was just a matter of time - and I'm pretty sure I warned everyone that this would happen -- but it was in the mid-freaking-80s this week. Snowed over the weekend. Mid-freaking-80s on Tuesday.
 Seriously Mother Nature - I have crazy relatives that are more sane than this. 

 2) Looks like I'm going to get to see Maroon 5 this summer at the Greenbrier Classic Golf Tournament.  Not to brag or anything, but Adam Levine and I have been twitter buddies for awhile now, (if following someone makes them your buddy, and I'm pretty sure it does). I might be mistaken, but it occurred to me that the hubster wasn't quite as excited with the announcement of their concert.  Perhaps he should start following Adam on Twitter.

 1) Two months left before my baby graduates high school, ships off for California, then South Carolina, then Florida, then college. I am resisting the "so ready for this to be over" temptation that shows up around this time each school year because just the idea of it all has me on the verge of needing a brown-bag to breath. 

PSA:   Parents, as you grumble on your trip to and from some kid activity, early morning soccer game, tae-kwon-do practice that seems like it will never end, crazy scout trip --- take it all in and smile;
trust me, it ends much too quickly.


  1. I have to agree completely.. Kids grow up way to fast. I sure do miss the days when our schedule was full of soccer and tennis practice. Hummmm maybe I should start following Adam Levine.. But then I would have to get a twitter account. Decisions Decisions.


  2. Brilliant post . . . and yes your PSA, so so very true. We have two years left with my youngest and it will be oh so strange to say the least. Thank goodness I can occupy a heap of time with my camera! Good weekend to ya!

  3. "Crazy relatives that are more sane than this.." LOL!!! We usually go from freezing to too hot to stand, too. But this year we seem to be easing in. It has been pretty nice here lately. In the 50s. I can take that. Yes, it all goes by too quickly. My daughter will be 30 this year. I keep thinking of when she was a bald two year old. That doesn't seem so long ago, but it was. BTW, love the vase.

  4. Very nice vase(s)! Interested in your water color adventures. I am so non-techy and don't own an I-phone, but I enjoy learning about these new apps. - you know - in case any of my family members wants to buy me one for my birthday......I can dream....Yes, Mother Nature is Bi-Polar this year. Oh, oh, oh, I know how you feel about your baby going off to college. Trust me. You- will- get- through- this. Give yourself 3 months to mourn and then you will wake up one morning and chart a new course. It's like going back to find your real self again - you know, when you were 10. We lose ourselves over the years of Mothering and it takes some time to find ourselves again. It will happen. Hugs xo Karen

  5. We haven't experienced any extreme warm ups here - just continued cold and warm-ish rain. I had to google waterlogue and may check it out. Lucky you - maybe you can introduce you hubby to Mr Levine.....

  6. What a gorgeous vase!
    It does go so very quickly. Savor each remaining moment. I can tell you that many more delightful moments will come to pass as he finds his way on this journey called life.