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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

cats on Tuesday ...

someone elses', 
not mine

how do you NOT go into a store with this as their emblem?!

In between everything else (and not so unrelated - hunting for pictures for the graduation memory video) - I have been clearing out pictures and chiseling away at some from my trip to California at the beginning of the year.  Hard to believe, but I still have not edited all of them, or cleared the files.  I have perhaps drank a bit much of the Scarlett O'Hara Kool-Aid ... "after all, tomorrow is another day..."


  1. What a fun emblem. Loved the waterlogged version on Instagram!

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  3. I have about 2 gazillion gigabytes of "tomorrow is another day" photos on my hard drive so I feel your pain. Love the cat photos even though the first one isn't your cat and the second one is a fake cat.

  4. I slowly go through my saved files and delete delete delete! I DO like that cat emblem. xo