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Monday, June 23, 2014

The good The random The fun ...

The good 

a nap in the middle of the day, 
in the middle of town, 
in the middle of marathon festivities 

Awe, to be young again.

The random 

Hello, my name is Nicki
I have late-age Golf Addiction
one week until the Greenbrier Classic PGA Golf Tournament. 
while my birth family thinks I have lost my mind,
I #can'twait

The fun 

 Visiting with family to celebrate my great-uncle's 94th birthday. 
We don't do this enough. 

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  1. The golf nutcracker is too funny! Happy birthday to your uncle, 94 - that is amazing!!

  2. That's youthful talent to be able to sleep anywhere! I never had that skill.

  3. my son could sleep anytime, anywhere....he slept in disney!!!

    i like the nutcraker also!!!!

  4. Nicky, is that you on the left? Has he'll frozen over? I don't see enough pictures of you!